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  1. which glands excrete both internally and externally
  2. How do hormones initiate a response?
  3. what does the nervous system use as chemical messengers?
  4. what group of hormones is made of lipids dervied from cholesterol?
  5. which glands only secrete internally
  1. a Steroids
  2. b endocrine glands
  3. c exocrine glands
  4. d by interacting with receptors
  5. e neurotransmitters

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  1. steroid hormones
  2. nervous system and endocrine system.
  3. non steroid hormones
  4. hormones
  5. they are insoluble in water

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  1. True or false, the number of receptors made by the cell can be increased or decreasedTrue


  2. What is it called when the number of receptors made by the cell are increased or decreasedUp regulation or down regulation


  3. what are receptor cells known as?increase or decrease in protein synthesis


  4. DNA binding leads to what?the target cells


  5. where does the specificity of the endocrine system come from?the receptors


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