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  1. kettles
  2. calving
  3. moulin
  4. piedmont glaciers
  5. recessional
  1. a when a glacier reaches the ocean or any large body of water, large pieces of the glacier break off. this is known as ____________
  2. b valley glaciers that reach the valley floor and spread out
  3. c a nearly vertical channel in the ice that is formed by flowing meltwater
  4. d (end moraines) that mark the one-time location of the end of a glacier
  5. e basins or depressions within the end moraines, outwash plains

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  1. a temporary lake that will last only a couple of days
  2. when a cirque fills with water (created in mountains)
  3. The cause of the most recent variable climate change and series of glacial episodes ("Ice Ages") is most probably related to
  4. an arete that takes on a saddle shape
  5. glacial ice that covers some uplands and plateaus (like ice sheets but smaller less than 1 million Sq miles)

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  1. bergschrunda crevasse that seperates flowing ice from the head of a glacier is a _______________


  2. parabolic dunesdunes: cross between barchan and traverse dunes, moderate amount of sand, similar to traverse dunes but with tips, tips point down wind


  3. longitudinal dunesdunes: long ridges of sand that form parallel to the prevailing wind and where sand supplies are moderate


  4. stratified driftany material carried by a glacier and then dropped in water


  5. summerwhat time of year is represented by light varves


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