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  1. glacier
  2. deflation
  3. roche mountonee
  4. dunes
  5. ogives
  1. a the lifting and removal of loose material with downward movement
  2. b mounds/ridges of sand blown from the wind
  3. c a river of ice
  4. d ramp shaped mountain made by rock that is carved by a glacier, steeper side represents the direction the glacier was moving (literally means "sheep back")
  5. e bands of light and dark snow on a glacier are known as ____________

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  1. the leeward side of a sand dune
  2. when a continental glacier reaches an ocean and spreads out
  3. glacial ice that covers some uplands and plateaus (like ice sheets but smaller less than 1 million Sq miles)
  4. form where two cirques are located back to back and create a sharp-edged ridge
  5. # of john hancock (if stacked on top of each other) would equal the amount of ft the glaciers covered 15,000 years ago over boston

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  1. Louis Agassizthe father of glaciology


  2. blowoutsshallow depressions (1m-45m in depth)


  3. greenlanda ramp shaped DEPOSIT of sediment with one shallow side and one steep-side is known as a _______________ (shallow side represents direction the glacier is moving) glacier moves up the steep end of the deposit.


  4. playa lakea temporary lake that will last only a couple of days


  5. moraine dammed lakewhen an end moraine dams the melt water from the glacier behind it


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