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  1. dropstone
  2. star dunes
  3. tidewater glaciers
  4. till
  5. our father prayer
  1. a what were the Pater Noster lakes named after, (they appear as if connected like rosary beads)
  2. b any material carried by a glacier and dropped on land by a glacier
  3. c valley glaciers that end in a lake or ocean
  4. d dunes: isolated hills of sand, variable wind direction, up to 90 meters tall
  5. e a rock that was carried by a glacier or iceberg, deposited as the ice melted, and became part of the bedrock

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  1. the loss at the lower end of a glacier
  2. what time of year is represented by light varves
  3. when a cirque fills with water (created in mountains)
  4. bands of light and dark snow on a glacier are known as ____________
  5. another name for a glacial valley

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  1. lightdeposits of wind blown silt


  2. darka cone shaped deposit of sediment (formed by a river flowing over the surface of a glacier and into a crevasse


  3. sun cupmounds/ridges of sand blown from the wind


  4. roche mountoneea ridge/mound of till that forms at the terminus (end) of a glacier


  5. hanging valleysirregular feature created in the surface of a glacier due to differences in wind and temperature on the surface of a glacier are called __________


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