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  1. kettle pond
  2. terminal
  3. bergschrund
  4. winter
  5. barchan dunes
  1. a what time of year is represented by dark varves
  2. b dunes: solitary, tips point down wind, limited amount of sand, form on flat land, no vegetation, migrate slowly, max. 30 meters tall
  3. c kettle that fills with water (ex. Walden Pond)
  4. d a crevasse that seperates flowing ice from the head of a glacier is a _______________
  5. e (end moraine) at the absolute farthest point a glacier has reached

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  1. a glacier is a_________________
  2. dunes: isolated hills of sand, variable wind direction, up to 90 meters tall
  3. ridges of till that are left along the sides as a glacier flows
  4. basins or depressions within the end moraines, outwash plains
  5. where is the snowline highest

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  1. cirque lake (tarn)when a cirque fills with water (created in mountains)


  2. cordilleranany material that is pushed by a glacier is known as a ___________________


  3. greenlandduring the last ice age the three ice sheets that covered north america were the Cordilleran , Laurentide , and __________________


  4. eccentricityVariations in the shape of Earth's orbit about the Sun is known as


  5. rock flouran ablation hallow that develops during intense sunshine


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