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  1. playa lake
  2. (arroyo) (wadi) (donga) (nullah)
  3. sun cup
  4. moulin
  5. glacial lake missoula
  1. a names for ephemeral streams - streams that carry water only in response to rainfall
  2. b a nearly vertical channel in the ice that is formed by flowing meltwater
  3. c giant lake that was built by a glacier acting as a damn, channeled scab lands by a glacial lake outburst
  4. d an ablation hallow that develops during intense sunshine
  5. e a temporary lake that will last only a couple of days

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  1. glaciers that exist in lofty mountain areas, where they usually follow valleys. (advance very slowly)
  2. a giant glacial flood often caused by volcanism
  3. _______________ indicate the direction that the glacier is moving
  4. any material carried and deposited by a glacier is known as ______________ (early scientists thought flooding was the reason for the moving of the material)
  5. elevation above which snow remains year-round is the

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  1. ephemeral streamsridges of till that are left along the sides as a glacier flows


  2. interior drainagezone where there is a net. loss to the glacier when the snow from the previous winter melts as does some ice


  3. abrasionprocess by ice and its load of rock fragments sliding over bedrock, and they function like sand paper to polish the surface (friction)


  4. barchanoid dunesdunes: cross between barchan and traverse dunes, moderate amount of sand, similar to traverse dunes but with tips, tips point down wind


  5. crag and taila glacially eroded rocky hill with a tail of TILL formed down-glacier of it is known as a _________________


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