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  1. ice sheets
  2. medial moraine
  3. crevasses
  4. greenland
  5. cordilleran
  1. a a ridge of till formed where two glaciers form together
  2. b enormous masses that flow out in all directions from one or more centers and completely obscure all but the highest areas of underlying terrain (appear like an upside bowl and are at least 1 million Sq miles)
  3. c during the last ice age the three ice sheets that covered north america were ____________________, Laurentide , and Greenland
  4. d large cracks in the surface of a glacier caused by uneven movement are known as _______________ (can reach a depth of 165 feet)
  5. e during the last ice age the three ice sheets that covered north america were the Cordilleran , Laurentide , and __________________

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  1. shallow depressions (1m-45m in depth)
  2. the fluid like movement of a glacier can be described as ___________
  3. another name for a glacial valley
  4. a cone shaped deposit of sediment (formed by a river flowing over the surface of a glacier and into a crevasse
  5. formation when run off falls from the base of mountain

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  1. ground morainea ridge/mound of till that forms at the terminus (end) of a glacier


  2. tidewater glaciersvalley glaciers that end in a lake or ocean


  3. crag and taila glacially eroded rocky hill with a tail of TILL formed down-glacier of it is known as a _________________


  4. ablationany boulder moved by a glacier is known as a(n) ____________


  5. zone of accumulationzone in which snow accumulation and ice formation occur


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