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  1. adjective Producing results without waste
  2. adjective 1 Shining with a harsh brilliant light 2 Very obvious
  3. The way a person or animal moves on foot
  4. verb To use up
  5. noun A state of forgetting or being forgotten
  6. verb To travel; to go one's way

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  1. adaptationnoun 1. A changing to fit new conditions 2. Something that is changed from something else


  2. glareverb 1. To shine with a strong harsh light 2 To stare angrily at 1 A strong, blinding light 2 An angry stare


  3. habitatnoun The place or type of place where a plant or animal is normally found


  4. rigorousadjective 1 Severe; extreme 2 Thorough; complete


  5. quenchverb 1 To put out; to extinguish 2 To satisfy with a liquid


  6. prominentadjective Producing results without waste


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