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  1. verb 1 To wither; to dry up 2 To burn the surface of with sudden heat.
  2. verb To use up
  3. verb To carry or move from one place to another noun The act of carrying from one place to another
  4. verb 1 To put out; to extinguish 2 To satisfy with a liquid
  5. noun 1. A changing to fit new conditions 2. Something that is changed from something else
  6. adjective 1 Shining with a harsh brilliant light 2 Very obvious

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  1. rigorousadjective 1 Severe; extreme 2 Thorough; complete


  2. outmodedadjective No longer needed fashionable


  3. obliviousadjective Not aware of


  4. gaitThe way a person or animal moves on foot


  5. efficientadjective Producing results without waste


  6. adaptThe way a person or animal moves on foot


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