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  1. 17. smooth muscle cells lack A. peristalsis B. striations C. motive power D. involuntary control
  2. 28. the entire delicate central nervous system is protected by A fluid B muscle C fatty tissue D bony encasement
  3. 27. which organ produces and secrets bile? A liver B gallbladder C large intestine D small intestine
  4. 31 which of the following is a function of the autonomic nervous system? A sensation B heart rate C mental functions D skeletal contractions
  5. 7. Complex structures with specialized functions within the body are known as A. cells B. atoms C. organs D. molecules
  1. a B heart rate
  2. b A liver
  3. c d bony encasement
  4. d C. organs
  5. e B. striations

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  1. B tendons
  2. A white blood cells
  3. B cerebrum
  4. A skin
  5. C urinary system

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  1. 34 the seminal vesicles and bulbourethral glands are part of the A sensory B endocrine C male reproductive D female reproductive systemC male reproductive system


  2. 6. DNA is found in which part of the cell? A. nucleus B. cell wall C. cytoplasm D. cell membraneD. bone marrow


  3. 26. the longest part of the GI tract is the A small intestine B large intestine C esophagus D stomachA liver


  4. 32 where is the tympanic membrane located? A ear B eye C nose D throatA. brain


  5. 4. Which of the following is not an environmental factor required for life? A. cold B. food C. water D. pressureA. cold


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