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  1. 32 where is the tympanic membrane located? A ear B eye C nose D throat
  2. 29 the portion of the brain responsible for consciousness is the A cranium B cerebrum C cerebellum D brain stem
  3. 9. The smallest bones of the body are found in the A. foot B. hand C. vertebrae D. middle ear
  4. 34 the seminal vesicles and bulbourethral glands are part of the A sensory B endocrine C male reproductive D female reproductive system
  5. 26. the longest part of the GI tract is the A small intestine B large intestine C esophagus D stomach
  1. a A the ear
  2. b C male reproductive system
  3. c B cerebrum
  4. d D. middle ear
  5. e A small intestine

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  1. D. Sternum
  2. C. Physiology
  3. A. upper limbs
  4. B tendons
  5. C respiratory

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  1. 6. DNA is found in which part of the cell? A. nucleus B. cell wall C. cytoplasm D. cell membraneA. nucleus


  2. 1. Which branch of science refers to the form and organization of body parts? A. Biology B. Anatomy C. Physiology D. MicrobiologyC. Physiology


  3. 7. Complex structures with specialized functions within the body are known as A. cells B. atoms C. organs D. moleculesD muscles


  4. 20. which of the following is the largest organ of the body? A skin B liver C heart D colonA skin


  5. 22. which of the following are responsible for providing immunity? A white blood cells B red blood cells C hormones D plateletsA white blood cells


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