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  1. 5. The nucleus is the cell's A. brain B. protein C. skeleton D. membrane
  2. 21. nerves and blood supply are located in which layer of the skin? A dermis B epidermis C hypodermis D hyperdermis
  3. 16. The humerus, radius, and ulna are bones of the A. upper limbs B. pelvic girdle C. lower limbs D. pectoral girdle
  4. 7. Complex structures with specialized functions within the body are known as A. cells B. atoms C. organs D. molecules
  5. 1. Which branch of science refers to the form and organization of body parts? A. Biology B. Anatomy C. Physiology D. Microbiology
  1. a C. organs
  2. b A. upper limbs
  3. c A dermis
  4. d A. brain
  5. e B. Anatomy

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  1. C urinary system
  2. A small intestine
  3. B tendons
  4. C. lower limbs
  5. B. humerus

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  1. 10. Which of the following supports the tongue and the functions in swallowing? A. skull B. vertebrae C. hyoid bone D. thoracic cageB. humerus


  2. 29 the portion of the brain responsible for consciousness is the A cranium B cerebrum C cerebellum D brain stemB cerebrum


  3. 19. specialized cells responsible for contractions in the body are called A skin B bones C nerves D musclesD muscles


  4. 17. smooth muscle cells lack A. peristalsis B. striations C. motive power D. involuntary controlB. striations


  5. 3. The smallest and most numerous structural units possessing the basic characteristics of life are called. A. cells B. tissues C. organs D. systemsD. middle ear


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