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  1. (v.) to make sure, safe, or certain; to guarantee
  2. (v.) to settle down comfortably; to hold lovingly
  3. (adj.) making no sense at all, going completely against or having no reason
  4. (adj.) having a sharp or sour taste; sharp in manner or tone. (n.) a small pie, usually filled with fruit

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  1. navigate(n.) a large mass of snow, ice, rocks, or other material sliding or falling swiftly down a mountainside; something resembling such an event


  2. avalanche(v.) to plan and steer the course of a vessel or vehicle; to make one's way, get around


  3. selective(adj.) very careful about choosing or using


  4. principle(n.) a basic rule or law on which others are based; a belief used to tell right from wrong


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