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  1. Napoleon wanted the animals to keep working instead of spreading the revolution
  2. Battle of the Windmill
  3. Napoleon against the windmill and wanted them to keep working
  4. Napoleon chased off Snowball
  5. Battle of Cowshed

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  1. Kronstadt rebellion: Soviet sailors in Kronstadt rebelled against Trotsky; they were brutally repressed.Mutiny of the Hens


  2. Nazi-Soviet pact of 1939: Stalin agreed a non-aggression pact with Hitler, shocking the west.Agreement to sell the timber


  3. Trotsky's 'permanent revolution': Trotsky wanted workers around the world to rebel against leaders to create many revolutionary societies.Snowball sends out the pigeons


  4. October revolution (1917) :The workers, or proletariat, in Russia, revolted against the royal family of Czars. They were led by the Bolsheviks and Lenin who promised the people an improvement to their standard of living and the creation of a radical democracy.The Rebellion


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