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  1. Slaughter of the animals
  2. Snowball sends out the pigeons
  3. The Rebellion
  4. Ending, alcohol party with the playing cards
  5. Building of the windmill, failed because of the hurricane

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  1. Kronstadt rebellion: Soviet sailors in Kronstadt rebelled against Trotsky; they were brutally repressed.The Rebellion


  2. Trotsky's emphasis on heavy industry: Trotsky was in favour of rapid industrialisationSnowball sends out the pigeons


  3. Stalin's 'socialism in one country: Stalin thought this was unrealistic and was more interested in protecting the Soviet Union against attack by other countries.Napoleon wanted the animals to keep working instead of spreading the revolution


  4. Ukraine famine: Millions died due to the failure of Stalin's economic reformsBecause the windmill didn't work, they lost a lot of time building


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