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  1. The Rebellion
  2. Building of the windmill, failed because of the hurricane
  3. Slaughter of the animals
  4. Snowball sends out the pigeons
  5. Napoleon against the windmill and wanted them to keep working

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  1. Tehran conference (1943): Stalin is once again an ally of the UK and the US;; Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill met as allies.Battle of the Windmill


  2. Trotsky's exile: In 1927 at the Communist party congress Stalin defeated Trotsky to become leader of the party. The secret police drove Trotsky abroad, eventually killing him with an ax in Mexico City in 1940.Napoleon chased off Snowball


  3. Nazi-Soviet pact of 1939: Stalin agreed a non-aggression pact with Hitler, shocking the west.Agreement to sell the timber


  4. Kronstadt rebellion: Soviet sailors in Kronstadt rebelled against Trotsky; they were brutally repressed.The Rebellion


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