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  1. iatsu (威圧)
  2. ibushigin (燻し銀)
  3. hyōshi (表紙)
  4. hyōonkigō (表音記号)
  5. i wa jinjutsu nari (医は仁術なり)
  1. a a cover
  2. b Medicine is a benevolent art
  3. c oxidized silver
  4. d coercion
  5. e a phonetic symbol/sign, a phonetic alphabet [-> 表音文字]

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  1. consolation, comfort
  2. a half brother/sister
  3. superficially, outwardly, on the face of it
  4. to starve out
  5. a gastro-camera

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  1. hyōtenka (氷点下)an iceberg


  2. hyōshō (表彰)an honour, commendation


  3. ibiki o kaku (鼾をかく)warted


  4. i ga itai (胃が痛い)to torment, to tease; to be hard on


  5. iatsu suru (威圧する)to coerce, to overpower


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