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  1. ianryokō (慰安旅行)
  2. ibuki (息吹き)
  3. hyōmentekina (表面的な)
  4. ikamera (胃カメラ)
  5. hyōron suru (評論する)
  1. a a recreation trip
  2. b a gastro-camera
  3. c to criticize, to comment on, to review
  4. d breath
  5. e superficial, outward

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  1. the outer layer
  2. an iceberg
  3. strange, queer
  4. Medicine is a benevolent art
  5. a castaway, a shipwrecked person

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  1. iawaseru (居合わせる)to coerce, to overpower


  2. ibunshi (異分子)a foreign element, an outsider


  3. hyōyomi suru (表読みする)to count the ballots/votes, to estimate the number of votes


  4. hyōshi o awaseru (拍子を合わせる)to keep time


  5. hyōshiki (標識)a cover


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