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  1. ibyō (胃病)
  2. hyōteki (標的)
  3. hyōyomi suru (表読みする)
  4. ibushigin (燻し銀)
  5. ibo no aru (疣のある)
  1. a warted
  2. b to count the ballots/votes, to estimate the number of votes
  3. c a stomach trouble/disorder
  4. d oxidized silver
  5. e a mark, a target

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  1. a cover
  2. to snore heavily
  3. an honour platform
  4. an honour, commendation
  5. the tip of an/the iceberg

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  1. shai o hyōsuru (謝意を表する)to express one's thanks


  2. hyōtei suru (評定する)to comment on


  3. hyōmenka suru (表面化する)to commend, to honour


  4. hyōryūsha (漂流者)a drifting ship


  5. hyūhyū naru (ひゅうひゅう鳴る)to whistle (through the air), to whiz


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