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  1. ibara (茨)
  2. hyōshō suru (表彰する)
  3. ikamera (胃カメラ)
  4. ibara no michi (茨の道)
  5. ibushigin no yōna (燻し銀のような)
  1. a sober and elegant [style of writing]
  2. b to commend, to honour
  3. c a thorn
  4. d a thorny path
  5. e a gastro-camera

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  1. to keep time
  2. below the freezing point
  3. to mind, to care
  4. superficially, outwardly, on the face of it
  5. honest

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  1. ibo no aru (疣のある)to torment, to tease; to be hard on


  2. ibutsu (遺物)a relic [of ancient days]


  3. hyōron (評論)a critic, a reviewer


  4. ibitsu no (歪の)distorted


  5. hyōteki (標的)a mark, a target


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