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  1. ibushi (燻し)
  2. hyōsuru (表する)
  3. hyōronka (評論家)
  4. hyōtannamazu da (瓢箪鯰だ)
  5. ibutsu (遺物)
  1. a a critic, a reviewer
  2. b fumigation
  3. c to express, to show
  4. d to be as slippery as an eel
  5. e a relic [of ancient days]

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  1. below the freezing point
  2. a presentation ceremony
  3. to comment on
  4. to come up to the surface
  5. to be present, to happen to be present

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  1. hyōshi o tsukeru (表紙をつける)to cover


  2. ibara (茨)a thorn


  3. ibukashii (訝しい)suspicious


  4. hyūhyū naru (ひゅうひゅう鳴る)to whistle (through the air), to whiz


  5. ibara no michi (茨の道)suspicious


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