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  1. ina (異な)
  2. i ni kaisuru (意に介する)
  3. hyōsetsusha (剽窃者)
  4. ōkina ibiki o kaku (大きな鼾をかく)
  5. ibiki (鼾)
  1. a a plagiarist, a pirate
  2. b strange, queer
  3. c snoring, a snore
  4. d to snore heavily
  5. e to mind, to care

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  1. to exercise one's authority
  2. a doorplate, a nameplate
  3. distorted
  4. to strike clappers
  5. a mark, a target

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  1. hyōsōnadare (表層雪崩)a surface avalanche


  2. iburu (燻る)to smolder, [部屋が] to be smoky


  3. hyōshō suru (表彰する)to commend, to honour


  4. iatsu (威圧)coercion


  5. hyōtei suru (評定する)to rate, to grade


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