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  1. iburu (燻る)
  2. iatsutekina (威圧的な)
  3. ibushi (燻し)
  4. hyōshō (表彰)
  5. ibuki (息吹き)
  1. a fumigation
  2. b coercive
  3. c an honour, commendation
  4. d to smolder, [部屋が] to be smoky
  5. e breath

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  1. the outer layer
  2. gastric atony
  3. to do not mind, to do not care
  4. to commend, to honour
  5. to have a stomachache

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  1. ibara no michi (茨の道)a thorny path


  2. hyūhyū naru (ひゅうひゅう鳴る)to hiss, to whiz


  3. hyōri no nai (表裏のない)dishonest


  4. hyōron suru (評論する)to criticize, to comment on, to review


  5. ibukashii (訝しい)suspicious


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