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  1. ibiki o kaku (鼾をかく)
  2. hyōsatsu (表札)
  3. hyōshi o awaseru (拍子を合わせる)
  4. iatsu suru (威圧する)
  5. hyōsetsu suru (剽窃する)
  1. a a doorplate, a nameplate
  2. b to keep time
  3. c to coerce, to overpower
  4. d to plagiarize, to pirate
  5. e to snore

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  1. criticism, a comment, a review
  2. to cover
  3. coercive
  4. a sign, a mark, a landmark; a beacon
  5. Medicine is a benevolent art

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  1. ibo no aru (疣のある)to become distorted


  2. ibitsu ni naru (歪になる)to become distorted


  3. hyōryū suru (漂流する)to drift (about)


  4. i ni kaisanai (意に介さない)to do not mind, to do not care


  5. shai o hyōsuru (謝意を表する)to express one's thanks


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