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  1. hyōsetsusha (剽窃者)
  2. hyōryūsen (漂流船)
  3. hyōryū suru (漂流する)
  4. hyōshōdai (表彰台)
  5. ian (慰安)
  1. a a drifting ship
  2. b an honour platform
  3. c to drift (about)
  4. d a plagiarist, a pirate
  5. e consolation, comfort

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  1. a half brother/sister
  2. to smolder, [部屋が] to be smoky
  3. to become distorted
  4. a thorny path
  5. to do not mind, to do not care

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  1. hyōmenka suru (表面化する)to commend, to honour


  2. hyōronka (評論家)a critic, a reviewer


  3. hyōshi (拍子)time, a rhythm


  4. ibutsu (異物)a foreign body/substance


  5. ibushigin no yōna (燻し銀のような)oxidized silver


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