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  1. i ga itai (胃が痛い)
  2. hyōmentekini (表面的に(は))
  3. ian (慰安)
  4. ibukaru (訝る)
  5. hyōsōnadare (表層雪崩)
  1. a superficially, outwardly, on the face of it
  2. b to have a stomachache
  3. c a surface avalanche
  4. d consolation, comfort
  5. e to doubt, to suspect

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  1. a plagiarist, a pirate
  2. the year of the (Wild) Boar
  3. to whistle (through the air), to whiz
  4. sober and elegant [style of writing]
  5. to coerce, to overpower

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  1. hyōtenka (氷点下)a gourd


  2. ibu suru (慰撫する)to soothe, to appease


  3. hyōryūbutsu (漂流物)a drift


  4. hyōteki (標的)a mark, a target


  5. ibuki (息吹き)snoring, a snore


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