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  1. hyōsuru (評する)
  2. hyōsatsu (表札)
  3. ian (慰安)
  4. ibokyōdai (異母兄弟/姉妹)
  5. ibaru (威張る)
  1. a a half brother/sister
  2. b to be haughty, to be arrogant, to brag, to have an air of importance
  3. c consolation, comfort
  4. d a doorplate, a nameplate
  5. e to comment on

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  1. stomach
  2. a foreign body/substance
  3. to count the ballots/votes, to estimate the number of votes
  4. criticism, a comment, a review
  5. the year of the (Wild) Boar

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  1. ibiki o kaku (鼾をかく)to become distorted


  2. i ni kaisanai (意に介さない)to do not mind, to do not care


  3. hyōzan (氷山)a gourd


  4. ibutsu (遺物)a foreign body/substance


  5. hyōryū suru (漂流する)to commend, to honour


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