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  1. i (胃)
  2. i ga itai (胃が痛い)
  3. ibusu (燻す)
  4. iatonī (胃アトニー)
  5. hyōri (表裏)
  1. a to smoke, [蚊を] to smoke out
  2. b two sides, both sides; dishonesty
  3. c stomach
  4. d to have a stomachache
  5. e gastric atony

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  1. a citation, a testimonial
  2. to express one's thanks
  3. It is encouraging to
  4. a phonetic symbol/sign, a phonetic alphabet [-> 表音文字]
  5. criticism, a comment, a review

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  1. hyōshō suru (表彰する)to commend, to honour


  2. hyōsū (票数)the votes, the number of votes


  3. hyōtei suru (評定する)to rate, to grade


  4. iawaseru (居合わせる)to be present, to happen to be present


  5. hyōshigi o utsu (拍子木を打つ)to strike clappers


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