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  1. admonish
  2. adorn
  3. affinity
  4. alleviate
  5. adulation
  1. a flattery; blandishment (sự tâng bốc, sự xu nịnh)
    The rock star thrived on the adulation of his groupies and yes-men.
  2. b (n) correspondence; same; parallelism;
    She felt an affinity with all who suffered; their pains were her pains.
  3. c relieve
    This should alleviate the pain; if it does not, we shall have to use stronger drugs.
  4. d decorate
    Wall paintings and carved statues adorned the temple.
  5. e warn; reprove
    He admonished his listeners to change their wicked ways.

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  1. an assumed name
    John Smith's alias was Bob Jones.
  2. make hostile; separate
    Her attempts to alienate the two friends failed because they had complete faith in each other.
  3. attachment; addendum
    I will entertain this concept as an adjunct to the main proposal.
  4. items of business at a meeting
    We had so much difficulty agreeing upon an agenda that there was very little time for the meeting.
  5. muddle; drive crazy; fuddle; befuddle; confound; confuse; bewilder
    This idiotic plan is confusing enough to addle anyone.

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  1. adventitioussolemn urging (lời thề); oath
    Her adjuration to tell the truth did not change the witnesses' testimony.


  2. alloycalm; pacify
    The crew tried to allay the fears of the passengers by announcing that the fire had been controlled.


  3. alimonymixture as of metals
    alloy of gold are used more frequently than the pure metal.


  4. affirmationconnection; cooperation
    His affiliation with the political party was of short duration for he soon disagreed with his colleagues.


  5. affectedartificial; pretended; feigned
    His affected mannerisms irritated may of us who had known him before his promotion.


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