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  1. advocate
  2. agenda
  3. advert
  4. adjutant
  5. affinity
  1. a urge; plead for
    The abolitionists advocated freedom for the slaves.
  2. b assistant
    Though Wellington delegated many tasks to his chief adjutant, Lord Fitzroy Somerset, Somerset was in no doubt as to who made all major decisions.
  3. c items of business at a meeting
    We had so much difficulty agreeing upon an agenda that there was very little time for the meeting.
  4. d (n) correspondence; same; parallelism;
    She felt an affinity with all who suffered; their pains were her pains.
  5. e refer to; mention
    Since you advert to this matter so frequently, you must regard it as important.

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  1. intensify; amplify; enlarge; elevate; escalate (đất đai, quyền lực)
    The history of the past quarter century illustrates how a President may aggrandize his power to act
    aggressively in international affairs without considering the wishes of Congress.
  2. shield; defense
    Under the aegis of the Bill of Rights, we enjoy our most treasured freedoms.
  3. one who is skeptical of the existence of knowability of a god or any ultimate reality (thuyết k thể biết)
    The agnostic demanded proof before she would accept the statement of the minister.
  4. negative
    adverse circumstances compelled him to close his business.
  5. arrival (sự đến)
    Most Americans were unaware of the advent of the Nuclear Age until the news of Hiroshima reached

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  1. agapeardent; avid; eager (nóng lòng, háo hức)
    We were all agog at the news that the celebrated movie star was giving up his career in order to enter a
    monastery (tu viện)


  2. addlemuddle; drive crazy; fuddle; befuddle; confound; confuse; bewilder
    This idiotic plan is confusing enough to addle anyone.


  3. alluderefer indirectly
    Try not to allude to this matter in his presence because the topic annoys him.


  4. aliasan assumed name
    John Smith's alias was Bob Jones.


  5. alchemystate without proof
    It is alleged that she had worked for the enemy.


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