Ancient Mesopotamia

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What current country was Ancient Mesopotamia located near?


What advance in civilization did the Sumerians invent?

the wheel

In Sumer, how were people able to do different jobs?

Food surpluses allowed people to do things other than farm

Why was the area near the rivers so good for growing crops?

The rivers flooded and deposited silt on the farmlands

What is an example of advance technology that the Sumerians developed?

the plow

What kind of symbols were used in the first Sumerian writing system?


What is a city-state?

A city with nearby villages and farmlands

What was the MAIN reason that there were surpluses of food?

Sumerians used irrigation to get water to the fields

What is the main purpose of a ziggurat?

it was the center of city life

Which group was part of every class?


What is semi- arid?

A climate that is dry with warm temperatures

What are kings?

The highest ranking officials in Sumer, they believed the gods let them rule

What is a drought?

A period of very little rainfall

What is a flood plain?

The flat land surrounding a river

What is cuneiform?

It is writing with wedge-shaped markings

What is polytheism?

It is the belief in many gods

What is bronze?

Sumerians added copper and tin to make a harder metal.

What is a scribe?

A person who writes

What is silt?

It is a fine soil deposited by flood waters

What is a stylus?

a sharpened reed that allowed Sumerians to press markings into a clay tablet

Why did cities settle near the water?

Better for farming, created surpluses which lead to specialized workers...

What is a thematic map?

A map that shows a 'theme': amount of rainfall, temperatures in a state, where cities are established...

What are the 5 traits of civilization?

1. advanced cities
2. advanced technology
3. complex institutions
4. record keeping
5. specialized workers

an example of advanced cities in Sumer...

Kish, Nippur, Ur

an example of advanced technology in Sumer...

bronze tools, irrigation, canals, dikes, dams

an example of complex institutions in Sumer...

ziggurat, army, schools

an example of record keeping in Sumer...

cuneiform, writing, scribes

an example of specialized workers in Sumer...

potters, weavers, artisans, priests, kings

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