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  1. Bauble
  2. Petulant
  3. Jubilee
  4. Hew
  5. Antecedent
  1. a noun: A preceding circumstance.
  2. b noun: A small showy ornament of little value.
  3. c adjective: Unreasonably irritable or very ill-tempered. (fractious, querulous, choleric, churlish).
  4. d noun: A special celebrated anniversary, especially a fiftieth anniversary.
  5. e verb: To make or shape with an ax.

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  1. verb: To sap strength from; to weaken. (attenuate, enervate).
  2. noun: Exasperation; vexation; irritation or annoyance.
  3. noun: A lover or collector of books.
  4. noun: The ringing or sounding of bells.
  5. verb: To speak at great length, often in a bombastic or grandiloquent manner.

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  1. Peremptoryadjective: Putting an end to all debate or action.


  2. Glibnoun: Exasperation; vexation; irritation or annoyance.


  3. Blanchverb: To draw back from or shy away from, as from fear.


  4. Anthropomorphicadjective: Characterized by a habit, mannerism, or other physical or mental behavior.


  5. Farcicalnoun: A superficial appearance or illusion of something.


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