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  1. static
  2. vulgarity
  3. consonance
  4. dramatic
  5. paradox
  1. a irony that the audience knows about but the characters don't
  2. b repetition of consonant sounds
  3. c Language widely considered crude, disgusting, and oftentimes offensive.
  4. d a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth.
  5. e a character who doesn't change

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  1. objects and occurrences from nature that represent ideas commonly associated with them
  2. character that is quickly recognized and accepted because he is archetypal
  3. a character who is not really portrayed by the author
  4. a character which the author tells everything about
  5. a figure of speech consisting of two apparently contradictory terms

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  1. assonancerepetition of consonant sounds


  2. dictionword choice


  3. dynamica character who doesn't change


  4. foila character who is not really portrayed by the author


  5. jargoncant; language specific to a certain trade or group


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