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  1. round
  2. situational irony
  3. diction
  4. verbal
  5. dialect
  1. a a character which the author tells everything about
  2. b irony that occurs when the outcome of a work is unexpected, or events turn out to be the opposite from what one had expected
  3. c irony that occurs when what is said contradicts what is meant or thought
  4. d word choice
  5. e a variety of language that is distinguished from other varieties of the same language

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  1. repetition of consonant sounds
  2. speech and writing characterized by the use of vulgar and sucially taboo vocabulary and idiomatic expressions
  3. concerned with the communication not the structure
  4. the final resolution of the main complication of a literary or dramatic work
  5. a stereotyped; dated expression

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  1. dynamica character who doesn't change


  2. colloquialrepetition of consonant sounds


  3. conventionalconcerned with the communication not the structure


  4. coherencelogical and orderly and consistent relation of parts


  5. dramaticirony that the audience knows about but the characters don't


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