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  1. Preocuparse de
  2. Ocuparse de
  3. Asombrarse de
  4. Arrepentirse de
  5. Aprovecharse de
  1. a to be sorry for, to repent of
  2. b to take advantage of
  3. c to attend to, to pay attention to, to look after
  4. d to be astonished at
  5. e to worry about, to be concerned about

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  1. to make fun of
  2. to remember
  3. to keep away from, to withdraw from
  4. to enjoy
  5. to get tired of

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  1. Avergonzarse deto keep away from, to withdraw from


  2. ReĆ­rse deto go/move away from


  3. Deshacerse deto get rid of, to part with


  4. Abusar deto abuse, to take advantage of, to overindulge in


  5. Depender deto depand on


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