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  1. Servirse de
  2. Preocuparse de
  3. Deshacerse de
  4. Asombrarse de
  5. Abusar de
  1. a to worry about, to be concerned about
  2. b to be astonished at
  3. c to get rid of, to part with
  4. d to make use of, to use
  5. e to abuse, to take advantage of, to overindulge in

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  1. to doubt
  2. to enjoy
  3. to feel sorry for, to sympathize with
  4. to take advantage of
  5. to say goodbye to, to take leave of

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  1. Encargarse deto find out about, to become aware of


  2. Acordarse deto keep away from, to withdraw from


  3. Separarse deto leave


  4. Constar deto have an opinion about, to think of or about


  5. Salir deto leave (from), to go out of


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