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  1. Asombrarse de
  2. Bajar de
  3. ReĆ­rse de
  4. Avergonzarse de
  5. Carecer de
  1. a to lack, to be lacking
  2. b to laught at
  3. c to get out of, to descend from, to get off of
  4. d to be ashamed of
  5. e to be astonished at

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  1. to make fun of
  2. to find out about, to become aware of
  3. to leave (from), to go out of
  4. to take care of, to look after
  5. to depand on

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  1. Marcharse deto get tired of


  2. Tratarse deto keep away from, to withdraw from


  3. Apoderarse deto be astonished at


  4. Huir deto leave (from), to go out of


  5. Acordarse deto keep away from, to withdraw from


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