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  1. Asustarse de
  2. Avergonzarse de
  3. Separarse de
  4. Apoderarse de
  5. Quejarse de
  1. a to take possessions of, to take hold of
  2. b to leave
  3. c to be frightened at, to get alarmed about something
  4. d to be ashamed of
  5. e to complain of or about

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  1. to forget
  2. to be a question of, to deal with
  3. to make use of, to avail oneself of
  4. to doubt
  5. to have an opinion about, to think of or about

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  1. Salir deto flee from


  2. ReĆ­rse deto complain of or about


  3. Servirse deto serve


  4. Depender deto depand on


  5. Carecer deto lack, to be lacking


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