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  1. Wir sollten sie noch schlafen lassen.
  2. Er klagte ihr sein Leid/seine Not.
  3. Er muss dem Vermieter noch die Heizkosten zahlen.
  4. Er atmete tief ein.
  5. Wir führen alle namhaften Marken.
  1. a We carry all major brands.
  2. b We should still be asleep.
  3. c He complained of his suffering his / her distress
  4. d He must still pay the landlord the cost of heating.
  5. e He took a deep breath.

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  1. At the time I got to know all the cruelty of life.
  2. He tames a pet
  3. She kept her job.
  4. the wolves / seals howl
  5. The process is accompanied by a psychologist.

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  1. Die Kuh säuft an der Tränke.The cow drinks at the watering hole.


  2. Ich kann es leider nicht ändern.In his spare time he writes poetry.


  3. In seiner Freizeit dichtet er.I can not change it unfortunately.


  4. Er schleifte den Kartoffelsack in den Keller.He dragged the sack of potatoes in the cellar.


  5. Er wurde am Kopf getroffen.He was hit in the head.


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