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  1. sie wandte kein Auge von ihm
  2. Das Kind leckt ein Eis.
  3. Unsere Mühe hat sich nicht gelohnt.
  4. Morgen hole ich mir meine Bücher wieder.
  5. Er schleifte den Kartoffelsack in den Keller.
  1. a Tomorrow I get my books back.
  2. b He dragged the sack of potatoes in the cellar.
  3. c she did not take her eyes off him
  4. d The child licks an ice cream.
  5. e Our effort was not worth it.

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  1. he has spent a long time drawing the blueprint
  2. They isolated the sick animals to prevent infection.
  3. he didn't know what to reply to that
  4. His fortune of being able to remember many things, is great.
  5. I do not know all the arrival times (from memory).

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  1. Die Arbeiter räumten die besetzte Fabrik.The workers evacuated the occupied factory


  2. Wir sollten sie noch schlafen lassen.We should still be asleep.


  3. Es tötet mich, mit anzusehen, was da geschieht.It kills me to see with what is happening.


  4. Sie kommt in der Regel pünktlich.She is usually on time.


  5. Sie behielt ihren Arbeitsplatz.She kept her job.


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