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  1. carnet de corresondance (note culturelle)
  2. Tu dois mieux travailler en classe.
  3. Tout a été de travers!
  4. Tu ne dois pas faire le clown en class!
  5. Comment s'est passé ton week-end?
  1. a Everything went wrong!
  2. b You have to work harder in class.
  3. c You can't be goofing off in class!
  4. d How was your weekend?
  5. e A special notebook in which your behavior is recorded. (tardies, etc.) The carnet is used less with older students and parents must sign any notes written in the carnet so they are aware of their child's behavior.

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  1. To have a horrible day
  2. Don't do it again.
  3. to return tests
  4. to arrive late to school
  5. How was your vacation?

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  1. Qu'est-ce qui se passe?What's going on?


  2. .........,c'est pas mon fort....isn't my best subject.


  3. rater une marcheto miss the bus


  4. Ça n'a pas l'air d'aller.You look like something's wrong.


  5. Comment ça s'est passé?How did it go?


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