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  1. C'était incroyable!
  2. Qu'est-ce qui se passe?
  3. Raconte!
  4. recevoir le bulletin trimestriel
  5. Ne recommence pas.
  1. a Don't do it again.
  2. b What's going on?
  3. c Tell me!
  4. d to recieve one's report card
  5. e It was amazing/unbelievably bad!

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  1. I'm best in...
  2. Oral presentations
  3. I have a hard time understanding.
  4. How did it go?
  5. to miss a step

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  1. tomberto fall


  2. Oh là là!Oh no!


  3. Comment s'est passée ta journée?How was your day?


  4. carnet de corresondance (note culturelle)To have a horrible day


  5. Tout a été de travers!Everything went wrong!


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