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  1. C'est pas chance, ça!
  2. Tout a été de travers!
  3. Pauvre vieux/vieille!
  4. les interros écrites ou orales
  5. .........,c'est pas mon fort.
  1. a Written or oral tests
  2. b You poor thing!
  3. c ...isn't my best subject.
  4. d Tough luck!
  5. e Everything went wrong!

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  1. to recieve one's report card
  2. What's going on?
  3. my strong point.
  4. You look like something's wrong.
  5. A special notebook in which your behavior is recorded. (tardies, etc.) The carnet is used less with older students and parents must sign any notes written in the carnet so they are aware of their child's behavior.

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  1. Comment ça s'est passé?How did it go?


  2. Raconte!Terrific!


  3. Quelle journée!What a weekend!


  4. la cantineTell me!


  5. rendre les interrosto return tests


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