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  1. les rédactions
  2. Je suis assez bon (bonne) en...
  3. Chapeau!
  4. Ne recommence pas.
  5. Quelle journée!
  1. a Compositions
  2. b What a day!
  3. c Don't do it again.
  4. d I'm pretty good at...
  5. e Well done!

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  1. to recieve one's report card
  2. How was your vacation?
  3. to miss the bus
  4. What's wrong?
  5. You can't be goofing off in class!

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  1. entendre le réveilto hear the alarm clock


  2. avoir une mauvaise noteto get a bad grade


  3. C'est inadmissible.That's unacceptable.


  4. déchirerTell me!


  5. Comment s'est passée ta journée?How was your day?


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