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  1. Courage!
  2. recevoir le bulletin trimestriel
  3. C'était incroyable!
  4. Ça s'est trés bien passé!
  5. Raconte!
  1. a Hang in there!
  2. b It went really well!
  3. c It was amazing/unbelievably bad!
  4. d Tell me!
  5. e to recieve one's report card

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  1. to have detention
  2. I don't have a talent for...
  3. You have to work harder in class.
  4. to rip, tear
  5. You look like something's wrong.

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  1. Je suis assez bon (bonne) en...I don't have a talent for...


  2. Tu ne dois pas faire le clown en class!You can't be goofing off in class!


  3. Qu'est-ce qui se passe?What's going on?


  4. Tout a été de travers!Everything went wrong!


  5. arriver en retard à l'écoleto arrive late to school


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