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  1. Comment s'est passée ta journée?
  2. rater une marche
  3. Tout a été de travers!
  4. passer une journée épouvantable
  5. Comment s'est passé ton week-end?
  1. a To have a horrible day
  2. b How was your weekend?
  3. c Everything went wrong!
  4. d How was your day?
  5. e to miss a step

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  1. You look like something's wrong.
  2. I had a terrible day!
  3. What's wrong?
  4. Compositions
  5. to recieve one's report card

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  1. rater le busto miss the bus


  2. Quel week-end!What a weekend!


  3. ......., c'est mon my strong point.


  4. C'est en.......que je suis le/la meilleur(e).I'm best in...


  5. les interroshomework


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