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  1. prestige
  2. firebrand
  3. frail
  4. confine
  5. embezzle
  1. a weak
  2. b to keep within limits
  3. c high status, good reputation
  4. d to steal money entrusted to one's care
  5. e a person who stirs up trouble or revolt

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  1. foreign, unfamiliar, strange
  2. agreement, harmony
  3. to be slow and reluctant to leave
  4. highly infectious, deadly
  5. a roundabout way of saying something

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  1. prattleto chatter or babble


  2. implacableincapable of being calmed or soothed


  3. arbitraryto say or do repeatedly


  4. eloquentto scorn or scoff at (especially rules)


  5. idiosyncraticpeculiar or unique to an individual


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