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  1. unanimity
  2. embezzle
  3. ruthless
  4. ratify
  5. alien
  1. a foreign, unfamiliar, strange
  2. b without pity, cruel, merciless
  3. c undivided opinion, agreement by all
  4. d to approve and accept formally
  5. e to steal money entrusted to one's care

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  1. clever, showing keen understanding
  2. a person who stirs up trouble or revolt
  3. or lesser importance or rank
  4. to chatter or babble
  5. happening only occasionally

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  1. idiosyncratichappening only occasionally


  2. submissiveor lesser importance or rank


  3. chideto scold


  4. conciseexpressing much in a few words


  5. convivialto keep within limits


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