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SAT Vocab List #401-450 Test

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  1. convivial
  2. document
  3. glutton
  4. frail
  5. reiterate
  1. a having a friendly, festive atmosphere
  2. b to say or do repeatedly
  3. c a person who eats and drinks excessively
  4. d to support with specific evidence
  5. e weak

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. vast, unlimited
  2. or lesser importance or rank
  3. to scorn or scoff at (especially rules)
  4. to take pleasure in or enjoy
  5. high status, good reputation

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  1. compromiseexpressing much in a few words


  2. concordexpressing much in a few words


  3. alienforeign, unfamiliar, strange


  4. arbitrarybased not on a rule but on luck or whim


  5. chideto keep within limits


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