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  1. alien
  2. document
  3. disposition
  4. arbitrary
  5. impoverished
  1. a usual attitude toward things, character
  2. b foreign, unfamiliar, strange
  3. c poor
  4. d to support with specific evidence
  5. e based not on a rule but on luck or whim

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  1. to take pleasure in or enjoy
  2. undivided opinion, agreement by all
  3. incapable of being calmed or soothed
  4. to scorn or scoff at (especially rules)
  5. thinly scattered, scanty

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  1. virulentto support with specific evidence


  2. prestigehigh status, good reputation


  3. rationalreasonable


  4. lingergloomy


  5. compromiseto put in danger, to weaken


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