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  1. submissive
  2. comprehensive
  3. prestige
  4. sporadic
  5. unanimity
  1. a high status, good reputation
  2. b humbly obedient, giving in easily
  3. c of broad scope, including everything
  4. d undivided opinion, agreement by all
  5. e happening only occasionally

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  1. to chatter or babble
  2. a person who stirs up trouble or revolt
  3. to be slow and reluctant to leave
  4. agreement, harmony
  5. to scorn or scoff at (especially rules)

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  1. documentskilled and persuasive in speaking


  2. sombergloomy


  3. dispositionusual attitude toward things, character


  4. astuteclever, showing keen understanding


  5. ruthlessvast, unlimited


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