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  1. Departmement
  2. Ibn Saud
  3. Mandates
  4. Allied Powers in World War I
  5. British and Jews in Palestine after war
  1. a Jewish extremists bombed British installations and murdered British soldiers
  2. b France, Russia, and Britain
  3. c A province of France - what Algeria became in 19thc.
  4. d the founder of Saudi Arabia
  5. e The League of Nations gave Britain and France the right to rule territories of the Middle East

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  1. Germany, Austria-Hungary, allied with Ottoman Empire
  2. First prime minister of independent Algeria
  3. Exhausted and unable to manage the mess in Palestine
  4. Transport of Oil
  5. Overthrew democratically elected government of Iran and gave Shah more power

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  1. Zionisma movement that calls for the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine


  2. Arab Nations of the Middle EastCreated by France and Britain


  3. Muslim BrotherhoodFounded in 1928 by Hasan al-Banna to purify Islam


  4. Importance of Middle East to the British before World War IAs a gateway to India


  5. Lebanon was carved out of this countryEnded French Mandate and made Lebanon an Arab country


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