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  1. Dr.Chaim Weizmann
  2. Year Palestine became British Mandate
  3. NATO
  4. Lebanese National Pact of 1943
  5. Reza Shah and Iran during World War II
  1. a Helped British during World War I develop explosives; won support of Lord Balfour
  2. b Ended French Mandate and made Lebanon an Arab country
  3. c A military alliance that includes the US, W. Europe, and Turkey
  4. d 1920
  5. e Allied with Germany

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  1. The only independent Arab kingdom after World War I
  2. the government taking over industries
  3. Redistributed land from rich to poor in Iran in 1960s
  4. In 1915 the Turk feared they would aid the Russians
  5. In 1915 the British and French failed in the attempt to seize the Dardanelles

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  1. Law of Returnthe right of every Jew to immigrate to Israel


  2. The British White PaperPublished in 1939 limited to 75,000 the number of Jews who could enter Palestine


  3. Arab LeagueBecame prime minister in 1923, then Shah, in 1925 of Iran


  4. Results of French Colonization in Algerianine million to one million


  5. KnessetIsrael's Parliament


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