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  1. Zionism
  2. New name for Constantinople
  3. May 15, 1948
  4. Massacre of the Armenians by the Turks
  5. Arab Nations of the Middle East
  1. a Istanbul
  2. b War declared on Israel by Arab nations
  3. c In 1915 the Turk feared they would aid the Russians
  4. d Created by France and Britain
  5. e a movement that calls for the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine

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  1. Revolution in Egypt against the British and King Farouk
  2. New laws, end to foreign privileges, freedom for women, education
  3. Jewish extremists bombed British installations and murdered British soldiers
  4. Israel's Parliament
  5. First prime minister of independent Algeria

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  1. Shah's coup of 1953Overthrew democratically elected government of Iran and gave Shah more power


  2. DepartmementA province of France - what Algeria became in 19thc.


  3. Harry S TrumanFaisal and Abdullah's father, to whom the British promised a large Arab Kingdom


  4. Arab High CommitteeFormed in 1936 to oppose Jewish immigration to Palestine


  5. May 14, 1948British leave Palestine and State of Israel declared


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