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  1. Turkish Republic
  2. Year Palestine became British Mandate
  3. Challenges for independent Algeria
  4. Concessions
  5. Abdullah
  1. a Made King of Transjordan by the British in 1921
  2. b Teach people Arabic and Islamic religion
  3. c A government allows a foreign company to tap its oil resources
  4. d Separation of Church and State and government on European model
  5. e 1920

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  1. Israel controlled 77% of Palestine
  2. In 1922 all the Greeks had to leave Turkey and all the Turks had to leave Greece
  3. Building of hospitals, schools, railways; became rich agricultural colony
  4. Faisal and Abdullah's father, to whom the British promised a large Arab Kingdom
  5. New laws, end to foreign privileges, freedom for women, education

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  1. The main power in the Middle East until 1945Created by France and Britain


  2. Faisal in SyriaThe only independent Arab kingdom after World War I


  3. May 14, 1948British leave Palestine and State of Israel declared


  4. Theodore Herzlthe right of every Jew to immigrate to Israel


  5. United Arab RepublicSeparation of Church and State and government on European model


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