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  1. Anti-semitism
  2. Turkish Republic
  3. White Revolution
  4. Free Officer's Movement
  5. United Arab Republic
  1. a Revolution in Egypt against the British and King Farouk
  2. b Separation of Church and State and government on European model
  3. c prejudice against the Jews
  4. d A failed union of Egypt and Syria that lasted from 1958-1961
  5. e Redistributed land from rich to poor in Iran in 1960s

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  1. Building of hospitals, schools, railways; became rich agricultural colony
  2. 1923
  3. the founder of Saudi Arabia
  4. A military alliance that includes the US, W. Europe, and Turkey
  5. War declared on Israel by Arab nations

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  1. Shah's coup of 1953Overthrew democratically elected government of Iran and gave Shah more power


  2. May 14, 1948War declared on Israel by Arab nations


  3. AbdullahMade King of Transjordan by the British in 1921


  4. Arab Nations of the Middle EastLed revolt against the Turks


  5. Muslim BrotherhoodFounded in 1928 by Hasan al-Banna to purify Islam


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