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  1. Lebanese National Pact of 1943
  2. Reza Shah and Iran during World War II
  3. Departmement
  4. Dr.Chaim Weizmann
  5. Results of French Colonization in Algeria
  1. a Allied with Germany
  2. b A province of France - what Algeria became in 19thc.
  3. c Ended French Mandate and made Lebanon an Arab country
  4. d Helped British during World War I develop explosives; won support of Lord Balfour
  5. e Building of hospitals, schools, railways; became rich agricultural colony

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  1. Led revolt against the Turks
  2. Happened in 1967 and resulted in Israeli conquest of the West Bank, Gaza, Sinai, and Jerusalem
  3. Revolution in Egypt against the British and King Farouk
  4. "Father" of the Turkish People
  5. Israel controlled 77% of Palestine

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  1. NATOA military alliance that includes the US, W. Europe, and Turkey


  2. United Arab RepublicA failed union of Egypt and Syria that lasted from 1958-1961


  3. Shah's coup of 1953US president who urged the British to allow Jewish refugees into Palestine


  4. The importance of the Middle East to the British after World War IOil


  5. Habib BourguibaThe only independent Arab kingdom after World War I


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