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  1. placid
  2. adulation
  3. quaternary
  4. deleterious
  5. admonish
  1. a consisting of or especially arranged in sets of four
  2. b calm, peaceful
  3. c harmful destructive, detrimental
  4. d high praise, flattery
  5. e to caution or advise against something

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  1. highly self-satisfied
  2. sharpness of vision
  3. a person who travels by foot
  4. without emotion
  5. a period of rest or relief

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  1. hardygaiety, laughter, in a joyous manner


  2. flippantlack of respect, showing inappropriate levity


  3. futilecompletely ineffective, useless


  4. consoleto provide comfort for a loss, give moral or emotional strength to


  5. sullenTo sneak around


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