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  1. adulation
  2. disclosure
  3. suave
  4. bemused
  5. novice
  1. a high praise, flattery
  2. b Confused
  3. c smoothly polite and courteous with a degree of sophistication
  4. d beginner
  5. e confession, the speech act of making something evident

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  1. real, capable of being touched
  2. completely ineffective, useless
  3. summon into action or bring into existence, often as if by magic
  4. total lack of inhibition
  5. Highest point, summit

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  1. prowessbravery, a superior skill that you can learn by study and practice and observation


  2. abridgedshortened


  3. grimacea contorted facial expression of pain or disgust


  4. abjectto determine significantce, place a value on


  5. unctuousBold, adventurous, recklessly daring


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