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  1. debo leer
  2. prefiero leer
  3. voy a leer
  4. puedo leer
  5. necesito leer
  1. a i need to read
  2. b i am going to read
  3. c i can / am able to read
  4. d i prefer to read
  5. e i ought to read

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  1. i know how to read
  2. i feel like reading
  3. after reading
  4. i try to read
  5. i really like to read

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  1. es necesario leeri need to read


  2. no me gusta nada leeri don't like to read


  3. hay que leerone has to read


  4. me olvido de leeri stop reading


  5. tengo que leeri have to read


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