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  1. estar harto de
  2. tener malas uvas
  3. tener buena (mala) pinta
  4. adecuado
  5. pegajoso
  1. a appropriate
  2. b to be fed up with
  3. c to be nasty
  4. d sticky
  5. e to look good (bad)

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  1. not to be able to stand something (or someone)
  2. not to stand something, make someone sick
  3. unnoticed
  4. bland
  5. to be in vogue, fashion

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  1. congeladocareful, meticulous


  2. esmeradocareful, meticulous


  3. abrir el apetitoto whet someone's appetite


  4. (no) entrar en la cabezato be easy (hard) on the eyes


  5. golosoabundant


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