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  1. contundente
  2. amenazador
  3. tener buena (mala) pinta
  4. ponerse como un tomate
  5. hacerse la boca agua
  1. a to look good (bad)
  2. b threatening
  3. c to make one's mouth water
  4. d convincing, conclusive
  5. e to get very red

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  1. careful, meticulous
  2. to be in vogue, fashion
  3. dry
  4. salty
  5. to be worth it

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  1. darle asconot to stand something, make someone sick


  2. ser como pan comidoto get very red


  3. amargowide


  4. ponerse como una sopato set the table


  5. (no) entrar por los ojosto (not) understand


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