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  1. ponerse como un tomate
  2. desapercibido
  3. contundente
  4. refinado
  5. valer la pena
  1. a convincing, conclusive
  2. b unnoticed
  3. c to get very red
  4. d refined
  5. e to be worth it

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  1. to be fed up with
  2. abundant
  3. to whet someone's appetite
  4. to lick one's fingers
  5. to be in charge of

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  1. cubiertoabundant


  2. golosohaving a sweet tooth


  3. tener buena (mala) pintato look good (bad)


  4. (no) entrar en la cabezato be easy (hard) on the eyes


  5. estar en bogato be in vogue, fashion


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