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  1. darle rabia a alguien
  2. tener buena (mala) pinta
  3. nunca digas de esta agua no beberé
  4. esmerado
  5. al gusto (de)
  1. a to look good (bad)
  2. b careful, meticulous
  3. c to order, to individual taste
  4. d you can never say that you won't do something
  5. e to make someone angry

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  1. to be in vogue, fashion
  2. bitter
  3. surprising
  4. salty
  5. let's get to work

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  1. llenodry


  2. poner el mantel/la mesato set the table


  3. ponerse como un tomateto get soaked


  4. adecuadorefined


  5. ser como pan comidoto get very red


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