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  1. Allies
  2. Treaty of Versailles
  3. Sussex Pledge
  4. Red Scare
  5. Propaganda
  1. a nationwide panic that feared the communists
  2. b certain conditions to sink no more merchant ships
  3. c France Russia Great Britain Italy
  4. d information designed in influence opinion
  5. e signed by Germany on 1919 Germany payed $33 billion

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  1. nickname for American troops
  2. US Attorney General in DC made the Intelligence Division
  3. cost of food: clothing: shelter: and other essentials
  4. war damages (Germany payed $33 billion)
  5. Governor of Massachusetts send in the National guard

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  1. Zimmermann telegramtelegram intercepted saying lost territory in Texas New Mexico and Arizona


  2. Deportedexpelled from the country (usually suspects)


  3. Black Handsoutheastern Europe region


  4. Bolsheviksnickname for American troops


  5. Elbert H. Garyhead of U.S. Steel refuse to talk to union leaders 350,000 steelworkers on strike


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