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  1. Allies
  2. John J Pershing
  3. Committee on Public Information
  4. Francisco Madero
  5. Black Hand
  1. a Sent by Wilson with 6,000 troops to find villa
  2. b Replaced Diaz people had high hopes but he was unskilled
  3. c France Russia Great Britain Italy
  4. d Serbian nationalist group
  5. e CPI selling the war to the American people

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  1. "general association of nation" to preserve peace
  2. spying to acquire secret government information
  3. Poison gas: gas masks: tanks:
  4. Germany Austria-Hungary Ottoman Empire
  5. WIB job was to coordinate the production of war materials

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  1. Franz Ferdinandheir to austro-hungarian throne and archduke


  2. U-boatssoutheastern Europe region


  3. Self-determination"general association of nation" to preserve peace


  4. Victoriano HuertaGeneral that seized power in Mexico and Madero killed under his orders


  5. Sussex Pledgenationwide panic that feared the communists


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