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  1. Reparations
  2. Pancho Villa
  3. Victoriano Huerta
  4. Liberty Bonds and Victory bonds
  5. Zimmermann telegram
  1. a war damages (Germany payed $33 billion)
  2. b telegram intercepted saying lost territory in Texas New Mexico and Arizona
  3. c Leader of a group of guerrillas to attack Columbus New Mexico
  4. d a way for Americans to loan the government money
  5. e General that seized power in Mexico and Madero killed under his orders

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  1. Germany Austria-Hungary Ottoman Empire
  2. heir to austro-hungarian throne and archduke
  3. prohibited materials to prevent neutral countries from shipping food to Germany
  4. Replaced Diaz people had high hopes but he was unskilled
  5. NWLB mediate labor disputes the might lead to strikes

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  1. Fourteen PointsGermany Austria-Hungary Ottoman Empire


  2. Mitchell PalmerGermany Austria-Hungary Ottoman Empire


  3. George Creelexpelled from the country (usually suspects)


  4. Nationalismspying to acquire secret government information


  5. Self-determination"general association of nation" to preserve peace


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