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  1. Deported
  2. What brought US into war
  3. Mitchell Palmer
  4. Armistice
  5. War Industries Board
  1. a US Attorney General in DC made the Intelligence Division
  2. b Sinking of 6 American ships Feb 3 - Mar 21
  3. c ceasefire that ended war 11/11/1918 11th hour
  4. d WIB job was to coordinate the production of war materials
  5. e expelled from the country (usually suspects)

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  1. nationwide panic that feared the communists
  2. NWLB mediate labor disputes the might lead to strikes
  3. German submarines to get around Britain's blockade
  4. nickname for American troops
  5. Germany Italy Austria-Hungrary Prussia (Controlled southeast Europe)

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  1. Propagandainformation designed in influence opinion


  2. Espionagespying to acquire secret government information


  3. BalkansNeighborhoods those Immigran6ts settled in


  4. Victoriano Huertacivilian's gardens to raise their own vegetables


  5. Self-determinationthe idea that people who belong to a nation should their own country and gov


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