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  1. League of Nations
  2. Elbert H. Gary
  3. Mitchell Palmer
  4. Cost of living
  5. General strike
  1. a cost of food: clothing: shelter: and other essentials
  2. b US Attorney General in DC made the Intelligence Division
  3. c head of U.S. Steel refuse to talk to union leaders 350,000 steelworkers on strike
  4. d "general association of nation" to preserve peace
  5. e a strike that involves all workers living in a certain location

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  1. Dictator of Mexico 1884-1991 encouraged investment in Mexico
  2. ceasefire that ended war 11/11/1918 11th hour
  3. heir to austro-hungarian throne and archduke
  4. armed ban the uses surprise attacks and sabotage
  5. US President opposed imperialism an believe in democracy in 1913

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  1. Alliessoutheastern Europe region


  2. Reparationswar damages (Germany payed $33 billion)


  3. Doughboysships that transported troops escorted by warships


  4. Edgar Hoovernationwide panic that feared the communists


  5. Red Scareceasefire that ended war 11/11/1918 11th hour


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