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  1. Balkans
  2. Triple Entente
  3. National War Labor Board
  4. Woodrow Wilson
  5. What brought US into war
  1. a US President opposed imperialism an believe in democracy in 1913
  2. b NWLB mediate labor disputes the might lead to strikes
  3. c Sinking of 6 American ships Feb 3 - Mar 21
  4. d Britain France Russa entente cordiale (a friendly understanding)
  5. e southeastern Europe region

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  1. a way for Americans to loan the government money
  2. April 1917
  3. nickname for American troops
  4. ships that transported troops escorted by warships
  5. leader of intelligence division aka the FBI

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  1. Zimmermann telegramGeneral that seized power in Mexico and Madero killed under his orders


  2. AlliesFrance Russia Great Britain Italy


  3. Self-determinationthe idea that people who belong to a nation should their own country and gov


  4. Calvin CoolidgeGovernor of Massachusetts send in the National guard


  5. League of Nations"general association of nation" to preserve peace


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