CNA Quiz - Chapter 2: The Nursing Assistant

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Pearson Education, 2006

The term scope of practice refers to all of the duties that a nursing assistant is:

a) legally permitted to perform.

Nursing assistants are NOT permitted to:

d) administer medications

According to the "Patient's Bill of Rights," a patient has the right to:

c) refuse treatment.

Which of the following actions is an example of negligence?

b) A nursing assistant does not reposition a bed-confined patient as instructed.

A nursing assistant can be guilty of false imprisonment if she:

a) retrains a patient without proper authority

Nursing assistants should:

a) report and document changes in a patient's condition.

Who establishes priorities when planning work assignments?

d) the patient

To help manage stress, it is wise for health care workers to:

c) exercise regularly.

Standard precautions are intended to prevent workers from:

b) being exposed to potentially dangerous body fluids.

The term liable means:

d) legally responsible.

A nursing assistant is responsible for:

b) keeping a patient's personal information confidential.

A nursing assistant belittles a patient by telling her that she is overreacting to her condition. This is an example of:

d) psychological abuse.

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