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Hercules is a combination of

physical strength, and psychological and emotional weakness

What type of God was Hercules?

A Demigod, 1/2 god, 1/2 man

Hercules' Mother


Hercules' Father


Hercules' "Step-Father"


Hercules' Cousin


Hercules' Brother


Hera's Reaction/ Mission

Hera is angry that Alceme has a child with Zeus, She is determined to make Hercukes' life a living hell

Hercules' Wife

Megera, Daughter of the Thebian King

After Juno drives Hercules insane,

Hercules kills his family

To atone for killing his family,

Hercules goes to Eurystheus, his distant cousin. The very cruel Eurysteus orders him to complete 12 labors in 12 years.

Hercules' prize for completing the tasks/labors



Leaving what you know


Things that happen to you/ How you react


Going back to where you come from, implement what you have learned

1st Labor

Nemean Lion

2nd Labor

Hydra in the Learneam Swamp

3rd Labor

Diana's Stag

4th Labor

The Boar

5th Labor

The Stables

6th Labor

The Stymphalian Birds

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