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  1. feature
  2. Occurred
  3. Arrange
  4. Improve
  5. Results
  1. a put into a proper or systematic order
  2. b a distinctive quality, or characteristic
  3. c to happen
  4. d get better
  5. e things that happen, the effect

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  1. A coordinate system formed by the intersection of a horizontal number line, called the x-axis, and a vertical number line, called the y-axis.
  2. ask
  3. variety
  4. a tryout
  5. exchange or replace with another

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  1. multicellularmade up of one cell


  2. composed ofto be made or formed from different parts


  3. affectedacted upon


  4. realisticthings that happen, the effect


  5. interior anglesput into a proper or systematic order


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