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  1. Improve
  2. disadvantage
  3. unicellular
  4. realistic
  5. From the article the reader can tell that...
  1. a used when a question wants you to infer or consider the author's purpose
  2. b an unfavorable situation that is not good
  3. c based on what is real or practical
  4. d get better
  5. e made up of one cell

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  1. to show, to point out
  2. think about
  3. A point at which a segment ends.
  4. π, 3.14
  5. make known

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  1. scale factoracted upon


  2. Identicalto show, to point out


  3. composed ofmake a compromise


  4. featurea distinctive quality, or characteristic


  5. equationa mathematical statement that two expressions are equal


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