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Seventh Grade Vocab - Tohaali Test

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  1. Numerous
  2. various
  3. coordinate plane
  4. judgment
  5. end points
  1. a very many
  2. b the process of reaching a decision or drawing conclusions
  3. c A point at which a segment ends.
  4. d variety
  5. e A coordinate system formed by the intersection of a horizontal number line, called the x-axis, and a vertical number line, called the y-axis.

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  1. used when a question wants you to infer or consider the author's purpose
  2. to be made or formed from different parts
  3. made up of more than one cell
  4. To make an overstatement or to stretch the truth.
  5. taking part in an activity

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  1. Extensiveto stress, single out as important


  2. emphasizeto stress, single out as important


  3. compromisemake a compromise


  4. conveymake known


  5. Arrangea distinctive quality, or characteristic


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