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  1. Numerous
  2. inquire
  3. exaggeration
  4. advertisement
  5. multicellular
  1. a a public promotion of some product or service
  2. b ask
  3. c To make an overstatement or to stretch the truth.
  4. d made up of more than one cell
  5. e very many

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  1. a mathematical statement that two expressions are equal
  2. held, controlled
  3. to be made or formed from different parts
  4. A point at which a segment ends.
  5. signifies a line

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  1. compromiseget better


  2. From the article the reader can tell that...angles on the inside of parallel lines cut by a transversal


  3. variousvariety


  4. affectedacted upon


  5. judgmentexchange or replace with another


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