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  1. globalization
  2. maquilladora
  3. circular flow of economic activity
  4. Leon Canizaro
  5. mission creep
  1. a the idea that you go in for one reason (usually military force) and is diverted into another reason that was not planned for
  2. b who is the district attorney
  3. c the economic relationship between different economic groups in an economy
  4. d a phenomenon by which economic agents in any given part of the world are affected by events elsewhere in the worl; the growing integration of the national economies of the world to the degree that we may be witnessing the emergence and operation of a single world-wide economy
  5. e name for little factory (in spanish)

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  1. who is the U.S. district attorney
  2. Performance Review Commitee
  3. who is the head of Apple?
  4. the term used for when you keep saying bad things about your opponent
  5. what is the name of the new product Apple just released?

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  1. profitthe amount of money left over after all the costs of production have been paid


  2. ostentatiouswho is the head of Apple?


  3. free enterprisean economic system in which individuals (not government) own most, if not all, the resources and control their use


  4. public propertyany good that is owned by the government


  5. offshoringthe term used to describe work done for a company by persons other than the original company's employess in a country other than the one in which the company is located


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