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  1. PRC
  2. profit
  3. labor theory of value
  4. Jim Letter
  5. contract
  1. a Performance Review Commitee
  2. b an agreement between two or more people to do something
  3. c the amount of money left over after all the costs of production have been paid
  4. d who is the U.S. district attorney
  5. e the belief that all value in produced goods is derived from labor

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  1. an economic system in which the answers to the three economic questions are based on customs, traditions, and cultural beliefs
  2. an economic system in which government controls and may own many of the resources
  3. the amount of money by which total cost exceeds total revenue
  4. who ran for president (I) in 1992?
  5. a good of which one person's consumption takes away from another person's consumption

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  1. maquilladoraname for little factory (in spanish)


  2. check kitingwriting yourself a check from one account to the other


  3. umbrageto take offense


  4. SECSecurities Exchange Comissioner


  5. positive externalityan adverse side effect of an act that is felt by others


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