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  1. Scott Brown
  2. NAFTA
  3. Milgrims Experiement
  4. Leon Canizaro
  5. mission creep
  1. a An effort/experiment created to understand why people are bad
  2. b North American Free Trade Agreement
  3. c the idea that you go in for one reason (usually military force) and is diverted into another reason that was not planned for
  4. d who inspired the phrase "the scott heard round the world?"
  5. e who is the district attorney

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  1. Performance Review Commitee
  2. the difference between the total value of production and the subsistence wages paid to workers
  3. the amount of money left over after all the costs of production have been paid
  4. Securities Exchange Comissioner
  5. Inter Continental Ballistic Missile

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  1. householdthe amount of money by which total cost exceeds total revenue


  2. ross perotthe amount of money by which total cost exceeds total revenue


  3. free enterprisea person who receives the benefits of a good without paying for it


  4. globalizationa phenomenon by which economic agents in any given part of the world are affected by events elsewhere in the worl; the growing integration of the national economies of the world to the degree that we may be witnessing the emergence and operation of a single world-wide economy


  5. excludable public gooda public good that individuals can be excluded (physically prohibited) from consuming


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