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  1. Tim Ryan
  2. check kiting
  3. mixed economy
  4. PRC
  5. private property
  1. a any good that is owned by an individual or a business
  2. b Performance Review Commitee
  3. c an economoy that is neither purely capitalist nor purely socialist
  4. d who is the Chancellor of UNO and used to be on the Ben Franklin Board A2E2?
  5. e writing yourself a check from one account to the other

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  1. a phenomenon by which economic agents in any given part of the world are affected by events elsewhere in the worl; the growing integration of the national economies of the world to the degree that we may be witnessing the emergence and operation of a single world-wide economy
  2. a public good that individuals can be excluded (physically prohibited) from consuming
  3. Inter Continental Ballistic Missile
  4. a good of which one person's consumption takes away from another person's consumption
  5. a beneficial side effect of an action that is felt by others

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  1. free ridera person who receives the benefits of a good without paying for it


  2. nonexcludable public gooda public good that individuals can be excluded (physically prohibited) from consuming


  3. free enterprisean economic system in which individuals (not government) own most, if not all, the resources and control their use


  4. mud slingingthe term used for when you keep saying bad things about your opponent


  5. tax assesora government official taxed with the job of determing the fair market value of your home


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