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  1. NAFTA
  2. Milgrims Experiement
  3. household
  4. public property
  5. Leon Canizaro
  1. a who is the district attorney
  2. b any good that is owned by the government
  3. c North American Free Trade Agreement
  4. d an economic unit of one person or more that sells resources and buys goods and services
  5. e An effort/experiment created to understand why people are bad

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  1. the way all the income earned in a country is divided among different groups of income earners
  2. a sense of how the world works
  3. the term used for when you keep saying bad things about your opponent
  4. the amount of money left over after all the costs of production have been paid
  5. to take offense

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  1. free ridera person who receives the benefits of a good without paying for it


  2. private gooda good of which one person's consumption does not take away from another person's consumption


  3. private propertyany good that is owned by the government


  4. Scott Brownwho inspired the phrase "the scott heard round the world?"


  5. remunarationhaving to do with compensation


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