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  1. umbrage
  2. Tim Ryan
  3. profit
  4. ostentatious
  5. tax assesor
  1. a who is the Chancellor of UNO and used to be on the Ben Franklin Board A2E2?
  2. b a government official taxed with the job of determing the fair market value of your home
  3. c the amount of money left over after all the costs of production have been paid
  4. d flaunts, gaudy, over the top
  5. e to take offense

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  1. the principles of conduct
  2. an economic unit of one person or more that sells resources and buys goods and services
  3. the amount of money by which total cost exceeds total revenue
  4. who is the mayoral candidate that is a millionaire and owns LUCKYCOIN (distributer of pinball/gambling machines)
  5. An effort/experiment created to understand why people are bad

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  1. Steve Jobswho inspired the phrase "the scott heard round the world?"


  2. maquilladoraname for little factory (in spanish)


  3. SECSecurities Exchange Comissioner


  4. private propertya good of which one person's consumption takes away from another person's consumption


  5. IpadPerformance Review Commitee


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