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  1. CELL
  5. ATOM
  1. a The smallest particle of an element.
  2. b The study of the glands which produce hormones
  3. c A minute organized mass of protoplasm possessing the attributes of life.
  4. d A group of similar cells arranged to perform a single function.
  5. e The study of the glands

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  1. The study of all animal life forms.
  2. Structure within the cell containing genetic and nervous material.
  3. The breaking down of protoplasm by a cell.
  4. The study of the nervous system
  5. Carbon - Hydrogen - Oxygen - Nitrogen plus 16 other trace elements

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  1. ADIPOSE CONNECTIVE TISSUEType of tissue that contains lipid or fat cells.


  2. ELEMENTS (ATOMS)The study of the structures of the body prior to live birth. - Embryology


  3. HEMATOLOGYThe study of the blood


  4. METABOLISMThe conversion of digested food into protoplasm and/or energy.


  5. DERMATOLOGYThe study of the blood


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