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  1. agitate
  2. agglomeration
  3. alienate
  4. adventitious
  5. affected
  1. a stir up; disturb (khuấy động)
    Her fiery remarks agitated the already angry mob.
  2. b accidental; casual
    He found this adventitious meeting with his friend extremely fortunate.
  3. c artificial; pretended; feigned
    His affected mannerisms irritated may of us who had known him before his promotion.
  4. d collection; heap
    It took weeks to assort the agglomeration of miscellaneous items she had collected on her trip.
  5. e make hostile; separate
    Her attempts to alienate the two friends failed because they had complete faith in each other.

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  1. an assumed name
    John Smith's alias was Bob Jones.
  2. mixture as of metals
    alloy of gold are used more frequently than the pure metal.
  3. calm; pacify
    The crew tried to allay the fears of the passengers by announcing that the fire had been controlled.
  4. payments make to an ex-spouse after divorce (tiền cấp dưỡng sau khi li dị)
    Because Tony had supported Tina through medical school, on their divorce he asked the court to award
    him $500 a month in alimony.
  5. openmouthed (há hốc mồm)
    She stared, agape, at the many strange animals in the zoo.

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  1. adulationflattery; blandishment (sự tâng bốc, sự xu nịnh)
    The rock star thrived on the adulation of his groupies and yes-men.


  2. adjunctattachment; addendum
    I will entertain this concept as an adjunct to the main proposal.


  3. affidavitwritten statement made under oath (bản khai có tuyên thệ)
    The court refused to accept his statement unless he presented it in the form of an affidavit.


  4. advocatenegative
    adverse circumstances compelled him to close his business.


  5. aggrandizeintensify; amplify; enlarge; elevate; escalate (đất đai, quyền lực)
    The history of the past quarter century illustrates how a President may aggrandize his power to act
    aggressively in international affairs without considering the wishes of Congress.


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