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  1. advert
  2. allay
  3. alcove
  4. affected
  5. aegis
  1. a artificial; pretended; feigned
    His affected mannerisms irritated may of us who had known him before his promotion.
  2. b shield; defense
    Under the aegis of the Bill of Rights, we enjoy our most treasured freedoms.
  3. c calm; pacify
    The crew tried to allay the fears of the passengers by announcing that the fire had been controlled.
  4. d nook; recess (hốc tường)
    Though their apartment lacked a full-scale dining room, an alcove adjacent to the living room made an
    adequate breakfast nook for the young couple.
  5. e refer to; mention
    Since you advert to this matter so frequently, you must regard it as important.

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  1. decorate
    Wall paintings and carved statues adorned the temple.
  2. sum; total
    The aggregate wealth of this country is staggering to the imagination.
  3. make hostile; separate
    Her attempts to alienate the two friends failed because they had complete faith in each other.
  4. 1.skillful; facile 2. agile (agility) easy; nimble (nhanh nhẩu, lẹ làng)
    His adroit handling of the delicate situation pleased his employers.
  5. opponent; enemy
    Batman struggled to save Gotham City from the machinations of his wicked adversary, the Joker.

5 True/False questions

  1. affinity(n) correspondence; same; parallelism;
    She felt an affinity with all who suffered; their pains were her pains.


  2. alacrity(n) enthusiasm
    He demonstrated his eagerness to serve by his alacrity in executing the orders of his master.


  3. affirmationconfirmation
    Despite Tom's affirmation of innocence, Aunt Polly still suspected he had eaten the pie.


  4. adherentrefer to; mention
    Since you advert to this matter so frequently, you must regard it as important.


  5. allegerefer indirectly
    Try not to allude to this matter in his presence because the topic annoys him.


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