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  1. free trade
  2. counter-trading
  3. central american free trade agreement [CAFTA]
  4. absolute advantage
  5. embargo
  1. a created a free-trade zone with central american nations; costa rica, dominican republic, el salvador, guatemala, honduras and nicaragua
  2. b a complete ban on the import or export of a certain product or stopping all trade with a particular country
  3. c the movements of goods and services among nations without political or economic barriers
  4. d the advantage that exists when a country has a monopoly on producing or is able to produce it more efficiently than all other countries
  5. e a complex form of bartering in which several countries may be involved, each trading goods for goods or services for services

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  1. lowering the value of a nations currency relative to other currencies
  2. a global strategy in which a firm [ the licensor ] allows a foreign company to produce its product in exchange for fee [a royalty]
  3. the use of government regulations to limit the import of goods and services
  4. the total value of nations exports compared to its imports measured over a particular period
  5. agreement that created a free-trade area among the united states, canada and mexico

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  1. strategic alliancean unfavorable balance of trade; occurs when the value of a country's imports exceeds that of exports


  2. exportingbuying products from another country


  3. dumpingbuying products from another country


  4. foreign direct investmenta company owned in a foreign country by another company [ called the parent company ]


  5. exchange ratethe value of one nations currency relative to the currencies of other countries


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