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  1. alluvial fan
  2. convergent plate boundary
  3. contagious diffusion
  4. transform plate boundary
  5. strike slip fault
  1. a fan-shaped deposit formed where a fast flowing stream flattens, slows, and spreads typically at the exit of a canyon
  2. b things that are catching (fashion, music, etc)
  3. c Fault rupture of the ground generates vibrations-or waves-in the rock that we feel as ground shaking
  4. d plates slide by each other horizontally
  5. e plates move toward each other

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  1. explode violently
  2. geologic term referring to the solid matter carried by a stream
  3. is any product of the condensation of atmospheric water vapor that is pulled down by gravity and deposited on the Earth's surface
  4. economic region
  5. Richter scale

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  1. Divergent plate boundaryplates move away from each other


  2. land breezea wind from the sea that develops over land near coasts


  3. chemical weatheringphysical disintegration of earth's material (ex. frost action, root action, salt crystals)


  4. Karst topographyprocess by which large continental areas undergo slight deformation


  5. mechanical weatheringdecompose rather than disintegrate


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