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  1. Kudos
  2. Impetuous
  3. Vernacular
  4. Machination
  5. Descry
  1. a adjective: Quick to act without thinking; impulsive; characterized by sudden or forceful energy or emotion.(extemporaneous)
  2. b noun: Fame, glory, honor (encomium, homage)
  3. c adjective: Being or characteristic of or appropriate to everyday language.
  4. d verb: To catch sight of; to detect or perceive.
  5. e noun: Act of plotting or scheming. (Chicanery, guile)

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  1. adjective: Very talkative. (garrulous, voluble)
  2. adjective: Secretive; kept or done in secret; surreptitious. (furtive)
  3. noun: A restless, disordered, or tumultuous state of affairs; turmoil.
  4. noun: Concluding section of a literary work often dealing with the future of its characters.
  5. adjective: Worn out by over-use; trite; commonplace (banal)

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  1. Laconicnoun: Generosity of spirit or attitude; giving or kind in nature or character; liberality in bestowing gifts.


  2. Consanguineousadjective: Of the same origin; related by blood.


  3. Egocentricadjective: Using few words. (taciturn)


  4. Succornoun: Fame, glory, honor (encomium, homage)


  5. Lampoonnoun: A written attack using satire.


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