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  1. Which of the following is considered a preanalytical error; Wrong order of draw, Exposure to light, Underfilling tubes, Inadequate fast?
  2. A hematoma can be prevented if
  3. What does PPE stand for?
  4. The "Good Samaritan Law" encourages healthcare professionals to
  5. The blood vessels that carry oxygenated blood away from the heart are the
  1. a Arteries
  2. b Provide medical care within the scope of their training at the scene of an accident without fear of being sued for negligence
  3. c Pressure is placed on the venipuncture site until the bleeding stops
  4. d Personal Protective Equipment
  5. e Inadequate fast

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  1. Defense
  2. Relaxation of the heart
  3. Coronary
  4. Monitoring of the patients health status to develop a community needs assessment
  5. Goggles

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  1. Latex sensitivity is a type ofAllergic reaction


  2. Tourniquets may be left on the patient for1 minute


  3. Emotional stress, such as anxiety or fear of blood collections, can lead to an increase inArteries


  4. Which of the following is not a component that makes up the chain of infection?Mode of transportation


  5. If a patient refuses a venipuncture procedure, the phlebotomist shouldImmediately report the refusal and actions taken to the nurse


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