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  1. Serum is blood that
  2. Microorganisms that cause disease are
  3. The upper chambers of the heart are the
  4. Mrs. J Hamm, a patient who had blood tests requested from th nephrology department, probably has a disorder related to
  5. When the phlebotomist collected blood from the patient, the patient was in a supine position. The patient was
  1. a Pathogenic
  2. b Right and left atrium
  3. c Lying down
  4. d Kidneys
  5. e Does not contain anticoagulant

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  1. Mode of transportation
  2. Common after infections
  3. Inadequate fast
  4. Thrombus
  5. Cortisol

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  1. Plasma is blood thatContains anticoagulant


  2. Arterial blood gases need special handling. What is the handling requirement?Coronary


  3. The vein in the arm that is most subject to venipuncture?Coronary


  4. The proper way to dispose of a needle is toRight and left atrium


  5. Which test tube would be used for "Fasting Blood Sugar" or Glucose Tolerance Test"Gray


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