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  1. Which of the following represents the correct order of draw?
  2. The vein in the arm that is most subject to venipuncture?
  3. Emotional stress, such as anxiety or fear of blood collections, can lead to an increase in
  4. Which of the following analytes is a hormone; Cortisol, Cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, Blood urea nitrogen
  5. Which arteries provide blood to the heart?
  1. a WBC count
  2. b Coronary
  3. c Yellow, light blue, green, gray
  4. d Median cubital vein
  5. e Cortisol

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  1. Put it into a sharps container, without recapping, immediately after withdrawing it
  2. Inadequate fast
  3. Gray
  4. After a meal
  5. Arteries

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  1. Which of the following body systems provide carbon dioxide and oxygen exchange? Nervous, Muscular, Respiratory, ReproductiveDefense


  2. Which of the following is not a component that makes up the chain of infection?Mode of transportation


  3. Which of the following clinical laboratory sections usually has drug analysis; Clinical microbiology, Clinical chemistry, Clinical immunology, HematologyClinical chemistry


  4. What does PPE stand for?Personal Protective Equipment


  5. Bacteria,viruses,fungus or parasites belong to which type of hazardCoronary


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