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  1. Ambulatory care refers to health care services provided by
  2. Serum is blood that
  3. The anterior and ventral surface of the body has which of the following body cavaties
  4. Which of the following represents the correct order of draw?
  5. Which of the following clinical laboratory sections usually has drug analysis; Clinical microbiology, Clinical chemistry, Clinical immunology, Hematology
  1. a Does not contain anticoagulant
  2. b Outpatients
  3. c Thoracic, abdominal and pelvic
  4. d Clinical chemistry
  5. e Yellow, light blue, green, gray

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  1. Pathogenic
  2. To reduce the chances of contaminating the specimen with tissue fluids
  3. Immediately report the refusal and actions taken to the nurse
  4. Lying down
  5. Allergic reaction

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  1. A hematoma can be prevented ifPressure is placed on the venipuncture site until the bleeding stops


  2. Which of the following is not an important purpose of laboratory analyses to the entire health assessment or patient? Monitoring of the patient's health status, Therapeutic assessment to develope the appropriate treatment, Monitoring of the patient's health status to develop a community needs assessment, Dianostic testing on the patientMonitoring of the patients health status to develop a community needs assessment


  3. The proper way to dispose of a needle is toPut it into a sharps container, without recapping, immediately after withdrawing it


  4. The recommended depth for an infant microcapillary collection should not exceedMedian cubital vein


  5. Plasma is blood thatContains anticoagulant


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