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  1. a group of oranisms that have the same characteristics and are able to produce offspringthe can reproduce
  2. green subtance in the chloroplast that traps energy from sunlight
  3. saclike organelle used for storing mateials
  4. microscope having more than one lens
  5. tiny structure in the ryoplasm of the a cell that performs a special job

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  1. cell membranethin outer covering that holds a cell together


  2. cytoplasmclear, jellylike material that fills the space between the cell membrane and the nucleus


  3. cell theorytheory stating that the cell is the basic unit of all living organisms, and only living cells can produe living cells


  4. nucleuspart of the cell that controls activites of other cell parts


  5. cell walltough, nonliving material that acts like an outside skeleton from each plant cell


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