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  1. Chemical Valence
  2. Tramp Uranium
  3. Periodic Table - Nonmetals
  4. Copper based alloys are used in
  5. Crevice Corrosion
  1. a Right of zigzag
  2. b heat exchagner tubing
  3. c Electrochemical attack on a small area of metal in a crack or crevice
  4. d One way fission products enter rcs near top of fuel pin
  5. e Number of extra electrons of an atom

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  1. Corrodent attacks bulk material
  2. Reduction in power
  3. Hydronium and hydroxide
  4. Temperature and Pressure
  5. fuel cladding

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  1. Cation ResinRemoves Cl- ions and replaced with OH-


  2. Sources of impuritiesLetdown/makeup, Filtration, Ion exchangers,


  3. Diffusionatoms pass through metal atoms of cladding


  4. Redux and CorrosionMetal is oxidized and other substance is reduced


  5. D.O is controlled in the RCS by ? and in the secondary loop by ?Hydrogen, Hydrazine


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