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  1. Cation Resin
  2. Boric Acid Corrosion
  3. What kind of water would we NOT see in open loop cooling?
  4. D.O is controlled in the RCS by ? and in the secondary loop by ?
  5. Solvent
  1. a Demineralized water
  2. b Boric acid from primary systems leaks through gaskets, joints, valve packing or cracks
  3. c Hydrogen, Hydrazine
  4. d Liquid
  5. e Removes Na+ ions and replaced with H+

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  1. Two dissimilar metals in electrical contact in a conductive environment
  2. Core
  3. Temperature and Pressure
  4. Occurs when the grain boundary is more susceptible
  5. atoms pass through imperfect welds, minute cracks, larger holes

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  1. General CorrosionElectrochemical attack on a small area of metal in a crack or crevice


  2. Cobalt based alloys (Stellites) are used in?steam generator tubing


  3. Intergranular Attackcorrodent attacks the grain boundaries without sufficient stress to cause cracking


  4. Microbiologically Influenced CorrosionCrevice forms underneath bacteria colony and a harsh chemical environment


  5. Periodic Table - Alkali MetalsRight of zigzag


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