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  1. Boron 10
  2. Periodic Table - Period
  3. Diffusion
  4. Periodic Table - Nonmetals
  5. Cladding defects
  1. a Horizontal Column
  2. b atoms pass through imperfect welds, minute cracks, larger holes
  3. c atoms pass through metal atoms of cladding
  4. d Right of zigzag
  5. e Number one tritium producer

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  1. + temp, + D.O., -pH, +Flow, Shocks and stresses
  2. corrodent attacks the grain boundaries without sufficient stress to cause cracking
  3. Corrosion inhibitors
  4. Surfaces corrode outside of core, corrosion products in coolant deposit in neutron flux area, corrosion products become neutron-activated, irradiated metal oxides released, radioactive materials deposited outside core
  5. Metal is oxidized and other substance is reduced

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  1. Anion ResinRemoves Cl- ions and replaced with OH-


  2. Crevice CorrosionTwo dissimilar metals in electrical contact in a conductive environment


  3. Radioactive isotopes affect workers/public by...Resin sluice activities, CRUD bursts, Fuel Failures, PWR primary to secondary tube leaks


  4. Microbiologically Influenced CorrosionCrevice forms underneath bacteria colony and a harsh chemical environment


  5. Problems from impuritiesClogging fliters/pipes, fouling of heat exchagners, higher rad levels, accumulation of sludge in SG's, corrosion


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