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  1. Fission products
  2. Action Level 2
  3. Periodic Table - Group
  4. Flow Accelerated Corrosion
  5. Boric Acid Corrosion
  1. a Vertical column
  2. b Motsly 2 but sometimes a third (tritium)
  3. c localized increase in corrosion rate caused by relatively high flow rate at the corroding surface
  4. d Reduction in power
  5. e Boric acid from primary systems leaks through gaskets, joints, valve packing or cracks

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  1. steel containing chromium that makes it resistant to corrosion
  2. Localized electrochemical attack occurring in the vicinity of local irregularities that forms a local anodic area
  3. Horizontal Column
  4. Hydronium and hydroxide
  5. Clogging fliters/pipes, fouling of heat exchagners, higher rad levels, accumulation of sludge in SG's, corrosion

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  1. Gas Solubility affected by?Temperature and Pressure


  2. Action Level 1Shutdown


  3. Activation productsMotsly 2 but sometimes a third (tritium)


  4. Periodic Table - NonmetalsLeft of zig zag


  5. Boiling in a BWR happens where?Steam Generators


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