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  1. Sources of impurities
  2. Solvent
  3. Boiling in a PWR happens where?
  4. Anion Resin
  5. Fission products
  1. a Liquid
  2. b Motsly 2 but sometimes a third (tritium)
  3. c Makeup water sources, leaks between systems, FME, Sweat
  4. d Removes Cl- ions and replaced with OH-
  5. e Steam Generators

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  1. Letdown/makeup, Filtration, Ion exchangers,
  2. It can be inhaled, ingested and absorbed bythe human body
  3. Metal is oxidized and other substance is reduced
  4. + temp, + D.O., -pH, +Flow, Shocks and stresses
  5. Resin sluice activities, CRUD bursts, Fuel Failures, PWR primary to secondary tube leaks

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  1. Cobalt based alloys (Stellites) are used in?steam generator tubing


  2. Boric Acid CorrosionMetal is oxidized and other substance is reduced


  3. Alloys are a mixture of metal and one or more...Elements


  4. D.O is controlled in the RCS by ? and in the secondary loop by ?Elements


  5. Periodic Table - PeriodVertical column


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