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  1. complaisance
  2. esoteric
  3. incipient
  4. morose
  5. sanction
  1. a thừa nhận, đồng ý; cho quyền
    authoritative permission or approval; a penalty intended to enforce compliance
  2. b tính đễ dãi, hay chiều ý người khác; tính ân cần
    the willingness to comply with the wishes of others
  3. c chớm nở, mới bắt đầu, phôi thai
    beginning to come into being or to become apparent
  4. d bí truyền; bí mật;
    intended for or understood by a small, specific group
  5. e buồn rầu, rầu rĩ, ủ ê
    sad; sullen; melancholy

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  1. tiếng lộn xộn chối tai
    harsh, jarring, discordant sound; dissonance
  2. làm êm dịu, dễ chịu; làm mềm
    soothing, esp. to the skin; smooth, soften
  3. ảo tưởng; ý kiến sai lầm;
    an invalid or incorrect notion; a mistaken belief
  4. vững chắc; có sức thuyết phục (lập luận...)
    appealing forcibly to the mind or reason; convincing
  5. bí ẩn, khó hiểu;
    mysterious; obscure; difficult to understand

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  1. causticchua cay; châm chọc; ăn da
    burning or stinging; causing corrosion


  2. catalystchất xúc tác
    a substance that accelerates the rate of a chemical reaction without itself changing


  3. prodigiousphi thường; to lớn
    abundant in size, force, or extent; extraordinary


  4. contriteăn năn, hối hận
    remorseful; regretful; penitent; seeking forgiveness


  5. urbanelàm giảm bớt
    to lessen in intensity or degree


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