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  1. gregarious
  2. inveigle
  3. inert
  4. incipient
  5. exonerate
  1. a không nhạy; chậm chạp
    unmoving; lethargic; sluggish
  2. b dụ dỗ
    to obtain by deception or flattery
  3. c giải tội
    to remove blame
  4. d thích đàm đúm, thích giao du
    sociable; outgoing; enjoying the company of other people
  5. e chớm nở, mới bắt đầu, phôi thai
    beginning to come into being or to become apparent

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  1. mờ đục, không trong suốt, chắn sáng
    impenetrable by light; not reflecting light
  2. sự sôi nổi, sự bồng bột
    the quality of lively or enthusiastic expression of thoughts or feelings : exuberance
  3. an expression of praise
  4. lịch sự
    sophisticated; refined; elegant
  5. ảo tưởng; ý kiến sai lầm;
    an invalid or incorrect notion; a mistaken belief

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  1. emollientlàm êm dịu, dễ chịu; làm mềm
    soothing, esp. to the skin; smooth, soften


  2. burgeonrỉa (lông (chim)
    to preen oneself: sang sửa, tô điểm, làm dáng (người)
    to dress up; to primp; to groom oneself with elaborate care


  3. demurnghiên cứu; xem xét kỹ
    to examine with great care


  4. cogentvững chắc; có sức thuyết phục (lập luận...)
    appealing forcibly to the mind or reason; convincing


  5. enigmaticgiáo điều; giáo lý;
    an official system of principles or tenets concerning faith, morals, behavior;
    stubbornly opinionated


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