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  1. l'auberge de jeunesse
  2. Allez/continuez
  3. près de
  4. Faites/Fais comme chez vous (chez toi).
  5. Vous avez (Tu as) fait bon voyage?
  1. a youth hostel
  2. b go/keep going straight ahead
  3. c Near
  4. d Did you have a good trip?
  5. e Make yourself at home

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  1. to the left of
  2. That's nice of you
  3. old
  4. then, turn left on...
  5. Welcome to my house

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  1. le lithigh school


  2. l'armoirewardrobe


  3. l'églisewardrobe


  4. les étatèresroom of a house


  5. génial(e)room of a house


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