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  1. thick billed murre
  2. great black backed gull
  3. black guillemot
  4. hairy woodpecker
  5. lesser scaup
  1. a
    charadriiformes, lighter wings, white chin
  2. b
    red ear spots, tube, piciformes
  3. c
    purple tint neck, anseriformes
  4. d
    white spots on wings, short tail, charadriiformes
  5. e
    big! one adult, one juvenilebrown), charadriiformes

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  1. yellow neck, charadriiformes

  2. not white belly, anseriformes

  3. gray, columbiformes

  4. tube, red mullet, slightly red belly, black and white stripes, piciformes

  5. white patch on male forehead, anseriformes

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  1. turkey vulture
    black markings, galliformes


  2. great cormorant
    white chin spot, pelicaniformes


  3. northern gannet
    black whiskers and polka dot belly, gold tail, piciformes


  4. bald eagle
    bald, galliformes


  5. herring gull
    charadriiformes, smiles, dark end of beak


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