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  1. pied billed grebe
  2. blue winged teal
  3. razorbill
  4. common black headed gull
  5. great black backed gull
  1. a
    not white belly, anseriformes
  2. b
    big! one adult, one juvenilebrown), charadriiformes
  3. c
    white stripe on beak, puffin like beak, charadriiformes
  4. d
  5. e
    thicker bill podicipediformes

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  1. gray, columbiformes

  2. charadriiformes, little white wing tips

  3. tube nose, procellariiformes

  4. podicipediformes peg leg, gray cheek

  5. purple tint neck, anseriformes

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  1. common merganser


  2. canvasback
    red head, light gray back, anseriformes


  3. black scoter


  4. osprey
    in tube! falconiformes


  5. pileated woodpecker
    yellow cap, tube, piciformes (pretend the yellow is on the forehead)


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