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  1. wild turkey
  2. pied billed grebe
  3. downy woodpecker
  4. great cormorant
  5. ring billed gull
  1. a
    thicker bill podicipediformes
  2. b
    white chin spot, pelicaniformes
  3. c
    tiny, piciformes
  4. d
    bald, galliformes
  5. e

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  1. anseriformes

  2. in tube! falconiformes

  3. long c tail, falconiformes

  4. brown, columbiformes

  5. not white belly, anseriformes

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  1. red breasted merganser
    feathery mohawk, anseriformes


  2. pomarine jaeger
    yellow neck, charadriiformes


  3. leachs storm petrel
    in tube, rounded tail, procellariiformes


  4. three toed woodpecker
    yellow cap, tube, piciformes (pretend the yellow is on the forehead)


  5. mallard
    white on either side of purple, anseriformes


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