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  1. northern pintail
  2. lesser scaup
  3. rough legged hawk
  4. pileated woodpecker
  5. northern gannet
  1. a
  2. b
    blue beak, green stripe on wing, anseriformes
  3. c
    white, yellow head, pelicaniformes
  4. d
    tube, bug, red mohawk, piciformes
  5. e
    purple tint neck, anseriformes

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  1. anseriformes

  2. collar, tube nose, curvy beak like claw, procellariiformes

  3. pelicaniformes

  4. orange on beak, brown patch on female head, anseriformes
  5. anseriformes

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  1. common eider
    gray, columbiformes


  2. razorbill
    white stripe on beak, puffin like beak, charadriiformes


  3. bufflehead
    juvenile, huge feet, falconiformes


  4. white winged scoter


  5. common merganser
    charadriiformes, little white wing tips


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