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  1. dovekie
  2. bald eagle
  3. black guillemot
  4. white winged scoter
  5. leachs storm petrel
  1. a
    charadriiformes, littlest, stubby beak
  2. b
    forked tail, gross, in tube, procellariiformes
  3. c
    white spots on wings, short tail, charadriiformes
  4. d
    juvenile, huge feet, falconiformes
  5. e

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  1. falconiformes, black tears

  2. white on either side of purple, anseriformes

  3. hook in head, charadriiformes

  4. cinnamon collar, anseriformes

  5. anseriformes

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  1. thick billed murre
    charadriiformes, lighter wings, white chin


  2. ruffed grouse
    on a stick, orange and brown, galliformes


  3. lesser scaup
    green tint neck, anseriformes


  4. yellow bellied sapsucker
    red cap and beard, yellowish belly, piciformes


  5. double crested cormorant
    white chin spot, pelicaniformes


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