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  1. common merganser
  2. dovekie
  3. wild turkey
  4. parasitic jaeger
  5. great black backed gull
  1. a
  2. b
    big! one adult, one juvenilebrown), charadriiformes
  3. c
    charadriiformes, littlest, stubby beak
  4. d
    bald, galliformes
  5. e
    hook in head, charadriiformes

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  1. anseriformes

  2. anseriformes
  3. anseriformes

  4. cinnamon collar, anseriformes

  5. tube, white along edge of wing, piciformes

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  1. ruffed grouse
    on a stick, orange and brown, galliformes


  2. mallard
    white on either side of purple, anseriformes


  3. three toed woodpeckertube, bug, red mohawk, piciformes


  4. red shouldered hawktail is fallen off, falconiformes


  5. turkey vulture
    white patch on male forehead, anseriformes


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