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  1. common eider
  2. iceland gull
  3. horned grebe
  4. common loon
  5. common black headed gull
  1. a
    greenish neck on male, brown/tiger female, anseriformes
  2. b
  3. c
  4. d
    dark beak, no legs, charadriiformes
  5. e
    podicipediformes white cheeks, dark cap

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  1. white patch on male forehead, anseriformes

  2. anseriformes

  3. gray, columbiformes

  4. bald, galliformes

  5. long c tail, falconiformes

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  1. black guillemot
    white spots on wings, short tail, charadriiformes


  2. great black backed gull


  3. yellow bellied sapsucker
    red cap and beard, yellowish belly, piciformes


  4. pomarine jaeger
    hook in head, charadriiformes


  5. herring gull
    white tail, black wing tips, charadriiformes


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