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  1. the battle of bunker hill
  2. loyalists
  3. Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley
  4. Sybil Ludington
  5. Marquis de Lafayette
  1. a a french man came to Valley Forge to help the Americans, he spent his own money to buy supplies for the American troops at valley forge the french agreed to help the colonists officially after the battle of saratoga.
  2. b rode more than 40 miles to warn Americans of a British Attack
  3. c The first major battle of the American Revolution took place in 1775.The British eventually won beacause the colonist ran out of bullets. Really occured at Breed's Hill, showed the Americans were determined and would not be easily defeated
  4. d was called Molly Pitcher because she carried fresh water to the soldiers, when her husband was injured she took his place loading the cannons
  5. e colonists who wanted to stay with Britian and not declare independence

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  1. after lexington and concord met in Philadelphia, formed an army, made George Washington commander in chief, created money called continentals, sent olive branch petition, declared independence,
  2. George Washington's wife
  3. A former slave who wrote poems and plays supporting American independence was the first African American in the colonies to be a published writer
  4. continental army officer who later became a traitor and worked for the British during the Revolutionary War
  5. colonists who supported the cause of independence

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  1. Margaret Corbintook her husband's place in battle when he was wounded. she was also wounded in the battle, was the first woman veteran recognized by congress


  2. Thomas Gagebritish general during the revolution


  3. Bernardo de Galvezone of 5 African-Americans who fought at the battle of Concord, also fought at Bunker Hill


  4. Nathan Halea teacher who was an American spy during the revolution, was captured and hanged by the British, said "I regret that I have but 1 life to lose for my country."


  5. common senseA pamphlet written by Thomas Paine in 1776 to convince the colonists that it was time to become independent.


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