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  1. Indemnity
  2. Manifest
  3. Flagrant
  4. Anodyne
  5. Noxious
  1. a adjective: Harmful to living things; injurious to physical or mental health. (pernicious).
  2. b adjective: Capable of soothing or eliminating pain.

    noun: A medicine, such as aspirin, that relieves pain.
  3. c adjective: Conspicuously bad, offensive, or reprehensible.
  4. d adjective: Clearly apparent to the sight or understanding; obvious.

    verb: To evidence; to prove; to show or demonstrate plainly; to reveal.
  5. e noun: A contractual agreement made between different parties to compensate for any possible or anticipated damages or losses.

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  1. noun: A minute amount; an iota or trace; virtually imperceptible.
  2. adjective: Located beneath or below; lower or under.
  3. noun: Weakness characterized by a lack of vitality or energy; exhaustion resulting from lack of sustenance. (lassitude, lethargy, torpid).
  4. adjective: Hardened against feeling; stubbornly impenitent; not giving into persuasion. (callous, insensate, insentient, obstinate, pertinacious).
  5. noun: A person with refined taste, especially in food and wine.

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  1. Obliqueadjective: Indirect or evasive; devious, misleading, or dishonest. (prevaricating, equivocating).


  2. Internecineadjective: Of or relating to struggle within a nation, an organization, or a group.


  3. Fosterverb: To bring up; to nurture; to promote growth and development.


  4. Lucidadjective: Easily understood; clear and perceptible; intelligible.


  5. Non sequituradjective: Secluded and contemplative; strictly disciplined or regimented. (self-abnegating, ascetic, austere, insular).


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