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  1. Epicure
  2. Venal
  3. Livid
  4. Demur
  5. Anachronism
  1. a adjective: Extremely angry; furious.
  2. b noun: A person with refined taste, especially in food and wine.
  3. c verb: To voice opposition; to object.
  4. d noun: Something out of its proper or chronological order, especially a person or practice that belongs to an earlier time.
  5. e adjective: Open to bribery; willing to be corrupted; capable of betraying honor, duty, or ethics for financial or material gain.

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  1. noun: A string or chain of flowers, foliage, or ribbons, suspended in a curve between two points.

    verb: To decorate or embellish with ornament.
  2. adjective: Secluded and contemplative; strictly disciplined or regimented. (self-abnegating, ascetic, austere, insular).
  3. noun: The period of development in the uterus from conception until birth.
  4. noun: A place where two things are joined. (confluence).
  5. adjective: Many and varied; of many kinds; diverse. (heterogeneous).

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  1. Shibbolethnoun: A peculiarity of behavior, mode of dress, or pronunciation that distinguishes a particular class or set of persons.


  2. Quid pro quonoun: Something that is given or taken in return for something else; a reciprocal exchange.


  3. Netherverb: To remain devoted to or be in support of something.


  4. Noxiousadjective: Harmful to living things; injurious to physical or mental health. (pernicious).


  5. Obliqueadjective: Harmful to living things; injurious to physical or mental health. (pernicious).


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