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  1. Deity
  2. Ameliorate
  3. Archipelago
  4. Sloven
  5. Abatement
  1. a to improve
  2. b the state of being decreased or deminished
  3. c god
  4. d an island group
  5. e careless or slipshod

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  1. a person who's racial ancestry is mixed Negro/caucasian
  2. hater of mankind
  3. restless
  4. to bend the knee in reverence
  5. Excessively critical or demanding

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  1. Macabregruesome, grim ghastly, representign death


  2. Antistrophefollows a stropge and the choros moves from left to right


  3. Satietythe state of being satisfied fully


  4. Diffidentlacking confidence in oneself


  5. Moiraiindividual destinies


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