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The Ear Test

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  1. function of the round window
  2. small elevations within the ampullae
  3. where endolymph is found
  4. the channel above the bony partition and ends at the oval window is the.
  5. function of the organ of corti
  1. a
  2. b pressure valve
  3. c the membranous labyrinth
  4. d hearing
  5. e scala vestibuli

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  1. cranial nerve VIII/vesitbularcochlear nerve
  2. the tectorial membrane
  3. hair cells

  4. cupula

  5. oval window

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  1. where perilymph is foundthe membranous labyrinth


  2. receives vibrations of sound wavestympanic membrane


  3. rests on the basilar membranemalleous, incus, stapes


  4. the channel below the bony labyrinth and ends at the round window.scala vestibuli


  5. egg shaped portion of the bony labyrinthvestibule


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