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  1. thickened wall of the utricle and saccule
  2. filters foreign substances from entering the ear
  3. membrane that separates the scala media from the scala tympani.
  4. fluid within the bony labyrinth
  5. where the scala tympani ends
  1. a perilymph
  2. b
    basilar membrane
  3. c hair and ceruminous glands/wax
  4. d macula
  5. e round window

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  1. cupula

  2. organ of corti (it is the organ of hearing) (pic: top left)
  3. the scala media (cochlear duct)
  4. earwax

  5. round window

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  1. three half circles within the inner earlabyrinth


  2. fluid within the membranous labyrinthendolymph


  3. snail-like shell attached to the sacculecochlea


  4. equalizes pressure on both sides of the tympanic membraneustachian tube/pharyngotympanic tube


  5. egg shaped portion of the bony labyrinthperilymph


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