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  1. large swelling at one end of the membranous labyrinth
  2. carries nerve impulses to the brain
  3. cranial nerve that has receptors for both hearing and equilibrium.
  4. another name for the inner ear
  5. ossicles in the middle ear
  1. a malleous, incus, stapes
  2. b
    the ampulla (pic: top right)
  3. c cranial nerve VIII/vesitbularcochlear nerve
  4. d labyrinth
  5. e
    vestibularcochlear nerve (Cranial Nerve VIII) (pic: top right)

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  1. round window
  2. pressure valve

  3. semicircular canals

  4. oval window
  5. bony and membranous labyrinth

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  1. where endolymph is foundthe membranous labyrinth


  2. stapes connects hereoval window


  3. a gelatinous mass that a group of hair cells are covered bythe tectorial membrane


  4. egg shaped portion of the bony labyrinthperilymph


  5. the channel above the bony partition and ends at the oval window is the.scala vestibuli


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