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  1. filters foreign substances from entering the ear
  2. thickened wall of the utricle and saccule
  3. where endolymph is found
  4. cranial nerve that has receptors for both hearing and equilibrium.
  5. sacs within the membranous labyrinth
  1. a macula
  2. b cranial nerve VIII/vesitbularcochlear nerve
  3. c the membranous labyrinth
  4. d hair and ceruminous glands/wax
  5. e
    utricle and saccule

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  1. endolymph

  2. cristae
  3. the bony labyrinth
  4. hearing
  5. round window

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  1. function of the round windowdynamic equilibrium


  2. what the outer ear consists ofpinna/auricle, external auditory canal/auditory meatus, tympanic membrane/eardrum


  3. large swelling at one end of the membranous labyrinth
    the ampulla (pic: top right)


  4. regions the ear is divided intoexternal, middle and inner ear


  5. two sacs within the vestibuleendolymph


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