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  1. found in the middle ear
  2. ossicle that is attached to the tympanic membrane
  3. the inner ear
  4. channel between scala tympani and scala vestibuli
  5. equalizes pressure on both sides of the tympanic membran
  1. a malleous
  2. b eustachian tube/pharyngotympanic tube
  3. c
    labyrinth (because it's complicated series of canals)
  4. d scala media/cochlear duct
  5. e
    the ossicles (malleous, incus and stapes)

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  1. membranous labyrinth
  2. tectoral
  3. cochlea
  4. oval window

  5. eustachian tube

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  1. cerumenearwax


  2. rests on the basilar membrane
    organ of corti (the entire pic)


  3. egg shaped portion of the bony labyrinthvestibule, semi-circular canals, the cochlea


  4. membrane that separates the scala media from the scala vestibuli
    basilar membrane


  5. fluid within the scala mediaendolymph


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