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  1. semi-transparent membrane in the outer ear
  2. ossicles in the middle ear
  3. receptor cells
  4. the egg shaped central part of the inner ear; located next to the stapes; important for maintaining static equilibrium.
  5. membrane that separates the scala media from the scala vestibuli
  1. a malleous, incus, stapes
  2. b hair cells
  3. c
  4. d tympanic membrane/eardrum
  5. e vestibular membrane

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  1. the membranous labyrinth

  2. eardrum or tympanic membrane
  3. semicircular canals
  4. bony and membranous labyrinth
  5. pressure valve

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  1. converts sound wave vibrations into nerve impulses and is a spiral organ that rests on the basilar membrane.
    vestibularcochlear nerve (Cranial Nerve VIII) (pic: top right)


  2. function of the semi-circular canalshearing


  3. another name for the inner earlabyrinth


  4. thickened wall of the utricle and sacculemacula


  5. separates the middle ear from the inner earlabyrinth


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