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  1. evanescent
  2. deplore
  3. muster
  4. ornate
  5. feign
  1. a vanishing or likely to vanish like vapor, impermanent
  2. b elaborately decorated, showily splendid
  3. c to bring together for service or battle, to gather or summon
  4. d to feel or express regret or disapproval
  5. e to give a false appearance of, pretend

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  1. a person or thing of no importance
  2. a characteristic or quality peculiar to an individual, an oddity
  3. marked by success, favorable
  4. to reduce to nothing, to make ineffective
  5. to support, give a boost to

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  1. boisterousloud, noisy, and lacking in restraint or discipline


  2. oustto remove drive out of a position or place


  3. frivolousof little importance, not worthy of serious attention, not meant seriously


  4. obsessto remove drive out of a position or place


  5. soliloquya speech or dramatic monologue made to oneself to reveal thoughts


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