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  1. Grassland
  2. Abiotic
  3. Tundra
  4. Ecosystem
  5. Niche
  1. a Biome Main Characteristics - Cover of grasses; compact soil, forest fires, very fertile soil
  2. b distinct area consisting of both biotic and abiotic factors
  3. c Biome Main Characteristics - permafrost, shallow roots
  4. d organisms role in a particular habitat, prevents competition
  5. e non-living factors effecting an ecosystem Ex- amt. light, water, temp., % chemicals, wind, current, soil type, etc.

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  1. all living things in a certain area & time (different species)
  2. Biome Plant/animal life - Phytoplankton, algae/ Wide variety of fish: swordfish, marine mammals, dolphins, whales
  3. Biome Main Characteristics - Annual precip. less than 25 cm; 1/5 of earth's surface
  4. consumers, obtain food from another organism
  5. living interactions between organisms of an ecosystem Ex- competition, predation, symbiosis

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  1. Tropical Rain ForestBiome Plant/animal Life - Deciduous trees, some conifers, flowering shrubs, mosses and ferns/ Deer, bear, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, turkeys


  2. Temperate ForestBiome Climate - Cold winters, warm summers, year round precipitation


  3. Habitatarea where a particular organism lives


  4. Biospheregeographic area w/ same climate and life


  5. Populationspecies of organism in a certain area & time


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