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  1. Grassland
  2. Autotrophs
  3. Intraspecific competition
  4. Desert
  5. Temperate Forest
  1. a Biome Plant/animal life - Cactus, short life cycle plants, Creosote bush/ Reptiles, Predators: foxes, bobcats; herbivores: deer, antelope, sheep; birds and insects
  2. b producers, make own food from sun/chemical energy source
  3. c between same species
  4. d Biome Main Characteristics - Cover of grasses; compact soil, forest fires, very fertile soil
  5. e Biome Main Characteristics - Drought; forest fires, our biome

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  1. Biome Main Characteristics - Largest biome (75%); pollution, over fishing
  2. both organisms benefit. Ex- bird/insect (gets food), plant (pollination)
  3. area where a particular organism lives
  4. Biome Climate - Short, soggy summers, long cold winters; very windy
  5. population growing exponentially, no limiting factors, reaching biotic potential Ex: human population

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  1. GrasslandBiome Main Characteristics - Largest biome (75%); pollution, over fishing


  2. Parasitismone organism benefits while another is harmed. Ex- dog (loses blood), flea (gets food)


  3. Communityone organism benefits while the other is unaffected. Ex- remora (gets food), shark (feeds normally)


  4. Density Dependenteffects population in different ways depending on size. Ex: predation, competition, migration, disease


  5. Tropical Rain ForestBiome Climate - Hot and Wet, Consistently warm and rainy year round


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