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  1. Stick Charts
  2. Chronometer
  3. Challenger
  4. 97%
  5. polar
  1. a Technological advances in food storage and ship design in the 1900s made these expeditions possible.
  2. b This expedition started the science of oceanography
  3. c John Harrison invented the ________________
  4. d Earliest form of navigational or oceanographic map made of bamboo and shells
  5. e Of the water found on earth, about _________ is found in oceans.

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  1. The US Exploring Expedition explored ______________
  2. This type of navigation relies on using the stars to determine ones relative position on earth
  3. Father of physical oceanography
  4. This expedition in 1968 found evidence to support sea floor spreading and plate tectonics.
  5. First cartographers

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  1. Chemical Oceanographersstudy chemical composition of the oceans and their relationships to geology and biology.


  2. Marine Geologistsstudy how to build ocean going to vessels, harbors, oil platforms, etc.


  3. Echo SounderThis expedition started the science of oceanography


  4. LeifMassive spheres of gases giving off light by fusing hydrogen atoms into helium are known as _____________


  5. Sir James RossJohn Harrison invented the ________________


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