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  1. Marine Engineers
  2. Physical
  3. HMS Challenger
  4. Ocean
  5. Celestial
  1. a This type of oceanographer studies teh aspects of the ocean such as tides, currents and ocean circulation
  2. b The vast body of saline water that occupies the depressions of the earth's surface is called the _______________
  3. c Charles Thomson and John Murray led first scientific oceanographic voyage. 4 yrs. thought they was no life below 1,800ft. able to sample down to 26,850ft. found 4,717 new species. took 15 yrs. to produce the "Challenger Report" 50 volume report.
  4. d study how to build ocean going to vessels, harbors, oil platforms, etc.
  5. e This type of navigation relies on using the stars to determine ones relative position on earth

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  1. Earliest form of navigational or oceanographic map made of bamboo and shells
  2. This is used to map the deep ocean floor.
  3. Invented the chronometer
  4. explored the Mediterranean and Atlantic-noticed a current running in and out. named it "okeanos" ocean was derived from this.
  5. First to calculate the circumference of the Earth

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  1. StarMassive spheres of gases giving off light by fusing hydrogen atoms into helium are known as _____________


  2. Galaxyhuge group of stars, dust, gas, and other celestial bodies bound together by gravitational force


  3. Cretans and PhoeniciansFirst regular ocean traders


  4. VikingsIn early history, the people who voyaged in order to show off their dynasty and riches were the ______________


  5. ColumbusEuropean who New Zealand


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