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  1. First Library of Alexandria
  2. Benjamin Franklin
  3. Cook
  4. Ptolemy
  5. Galaxy
  1. a Published the first chart of any current
  2. b The Milky Way is a specific ________________
  3. c contained written info on items of interest to seafarers. All ships that entered the harbor were recorded and a copy of records was kept there.
  4. d European who New Zealand
  5. e First to orient charts by placing east on the right hand side and north at the top

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  1. Earth was created ______________ billion years ago.
  2. a large, hot ball of gases, which is held together by gravity and gives off its own light
  3. discovered the New world by accident. the native americans had lived there for at least 11,000 years.
  4. Invented the chronometer
  5. Massive spheres of gases giving off light by fusing hydrogen atoms into helium are known as _____________

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  1. ChallengerCharles Thomson and John Murray led first scientific oceanographic voyage. 4 yrs. thought they was no life below 1,800ft. able to sample down to 26,850ft. found 4,717 new species. took 15 yrs. to produce the "Challenger Report" 50 volume report.


  2. Solar Systema group of planets that orbit around a fixed point of gravity EX. sun


  3. polarTechnological advances in food storage and ship design in the 1900s made these expeditions possible.


  4. OceanThe vast body of saline water that occupies the depressions of the earth's surface is called the _______________


  5. CookEarth was created ______________ billion years ago.


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