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  1. Big Bang
  2. Cretans and Phoenicians
  3. Physical
  4. 4.6
  5. Compass
  1. a The idea that the universe was created from a central point that started expanding is referred to as the _____________
  2. b The invention of the __________ and central rudder, and improvements in sail design were contributions made by the Chinese.
  3. c Earth was created ______________ billion years ago.
  4. d This type of oceanographer studies teh aspects of the ocean such as tides, currents and ocean circulation
  5. e First regular ocean traders

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  1. during the dark ages they wet on periodic raids. ships were so fast they could sail up rivers
  2. European who mapped the Great Barrier Reef
  3. Organized shipborne commerce on the Nile River!
  4. Father of physical oceanography
  5. Make charts of the sea

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  1. LeifThis Viking is thought to have been the first to land on North America.


  2. First Library of Alexandriacontained written info on items of interest to seafarers. All ships that entered the harbor were recorded and a copy of records was kept there.


  3. Celestiala large, hot ball of gases, which is held together by gravity and gives off its own light


  4. OceanographyThe process (or result) of applying the scientific method to the ocean, its surroundings and the life within it is called _________________


  5. Galaxystudied ship's logs with wind and temp data. assembled it into wind and current charts & issued them to sailors for giving him their logs when they returned.


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