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  1. Glutamate
  2. Action Potenial
  3. Behavior Genetics
  4. Evolutionary
  5. GaBA
  1. a Memory
  2. b eating sleep, inhibitory rather than excitatory.
  3. c Message move through axon like flame through fuse aons either on or off no in between
  4. d How much do genes vs enviroment affect who we are?
  5. e How do behavior/mental processes promote survival

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  1. Focuses on observable behavior
  2. Focused on uncovering the fundamental mental components of perception, consciousness, thinking, emotionsm and other kinds of mental states and activities
  3. Inject body with radio active glucose active areas in the rbain use the glucose and glow
  4. Communicate from nervous system to muscle, brain to body, brain tells hand to move away from hot stove
  5. Exams how brian and nervous system/biology effect behavior

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  1. ModeMost frequent number


  2. Standard DeviationSubjects are asked to describe in detail what they are experiencing when they are exposed to a stimulus


  3. Inter neuronsConnect sensory and motor neurons, communication between


  4. DendritesElate mood, stop pain, natures pain reliever


  5. PsycodynamicHow do uncouscious conflicts/drives determine behavior


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