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  1. Cat scan
  2. Sensory Neurons
  3. Cell Body
  4. Gender
  5. Neurons
  1. a The perception of being female or male
  2. b transmitts from body to spinal cord, from different sensations, incoming messages ie touching messages ie touching hot stove
  3. c X-ray of your brain
  4. d NErve cells in the brain
  5. e Basic cell functions

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  1. Most frequent number
  2. Societal expectations of appropriate behavior for men or women
  3. When axons aren't firing
  4. How do uncouscious conflicts/drives determine behavior
  5. The spread or dispersion of scores in a distribution

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  1. GaBACarries messages revieced by dendrites sends to muscles of other neurons, has to return to -70mv before it can refire


  2. PEt ScanX-ray of your brain


  3. DendritesCluster of fibers that recieve messages from neurons


  4. Temporal LobeLanguage and memory


  5. Sympathetic DivisionFight of flight, body prepares for emergency, heart rate elevated, energy boost


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