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  1. Glutamate
  2. Endorphines
  3. Axon
  4. Behavior Genetics
  5. Variability
  1. a The spread or dispersion of scores in a distribution
  2. b Memory
  3. c Elate mood, stop pain, natures pain reliever
  4. d Carries messages revieced by dendrites sends to muscles of other neurons, has to return to -70mv before it can refire
  5. e How much do genes vs enviroment affect who we are?

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  1. Calms body after an emergency
  2. Brain and Spinal Cord
  3. Message is fired
  4. The perception of being female or male
  5. NErve cells in the brain

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  1. MRIBombard your brain with radio waves active areas produce different magnetic feilds


  2. NeuroscienceNErve cells in the brain


  3. Cat scanInject body with radio active glucose active areas in the rbain use the glucose and glow


  4. Sensory NeuronsCommunicate from nervous system to muscle, brain to body, brain tells hand to move away from hot stove


  5. DopamineMovement, attention, learning emotion


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