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  1. Behavioral Perspective
  2. MEan
  3. Neuroscience
  4. Endocrine system
  5. Humanistic Perspective
  1. a Sends messages via blood stream ie secrets hormones and brain is responsible for this function
  2. b Exams how brian and nervous system/biology effect behavior
  3. c How do our experineces and enviroment affect behavior
  4. d Contends that people can control their behavior and that they naturally try to reach their full potential
  5. e Average

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  1. Study of the brain to understand behavior
  2. Vision
  3. X-ray of your brain
  4. Fight of flight, body prepares for emergency, heart rate elevated, energy boost
  5. Receives incoming info related to sensation

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  1. Gendereating sleep, inhibitory rather than excitatory.


  2. PEt ScanInject body with radio active glucose active areas in the rbain use the glucose and glow


  3. DendritesCluster of fibers that recieve messages from neurons


  4. Action PotenialMessage move through axon like flame through fuse aons either on or off no in between


  5. ReuptakeSucks clogging neurotransmitters


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