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  1. Psycodynamic
  2. Receptor site
  3. Action Potenial
  4. Variability
  5. Gender
  1. a Location on the dendrite, where neurotransmitters bind
  2. b How do uncouscious conflicts/drives determine behavior
  3. c The perception of being female or male
  4. d The spread or dispersion of scores in a distribution
  5. e Message move through axon like flame through fuse aons either on or off no in between

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  1. Controls of volutary movement ie eyes
  2. Connects right and left half of your brain
  3. Regulates emotional behavior organizes everything
  4. How do behavior/mental processes promote survival
  5. Chemicals that carry messages across synapse

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  1. Parasympatheic DivsionFight of flight, body prepares for emergency, heart rate elevated, energy boost


  2. SerotoninNErve cells in the brain


  3. Temporal LobeVision


  4. ModeMost frequent number


  5. MEanPoint that drives the scores in half


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