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  1. Motor Cortex
  2. Action Potenial
  3. Phrenology
  4. Sex
  5. Psychodynamic Perspective
  1. a Study of the brain to understand behavior
  2. b Biological differences
  3. c Message move through axon like flame through fuse aons either on or off no in between
  4. d Believes behavior is motivated by inner, unconscious forces over which a person has little control
  5. e Send info from your brain out to your body, related to movement

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  1. Focuses on observable behavior
  2. How do our experineces and enviroment affect behavior
  3. An index of the average deviation of a set of scores from the center of the distribution
  4. Sleep, pain, mood, eating arousal, depression = low levels of serotonin
  5. How does information processing affect thoughts/behaviors

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  1. Terminal VesiclesCluster of fibers that recieve messages from neurons


  2. SynapseSpace between two neurons


  3. NeurotransmittersNErve cells in the brain


  4. EvolutionaryHow do behavior/mental processes promote survival


  5. InhibitoryMessage is fired


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