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  1. Endocrine system
  2. Mode
  3. Neuroscience
  4. Acetylcholine
  5. Dopamine
  1. a Chemical in brain involved in Movement, learning, memory, alzhiemers patients have low levels of this
  2. b Sends messages via blood stream ie secrets hormones and brain is responsible for this function
  3. c Movement, attention, learning emotion
  4. d Most frequent number
  5. e Exams how brian and nervous system/biology effect behavior

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  1. eating sleep, inhibitory rather than excitatory.
  2. Send info from your brain out to your body, related to movement
  3. Connects right and left half of your brain
  4. Study of the brain to understand behavior
  5. Average

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  1. SexAverage


  2. A standard deviationSubjects are asked to describe in detail what they are experiencing when they are exposed to a stimulus


  3. Frontal LobeRegulates emotional behavior organizes everything


  4. Motor NeuronsConnect sensory and motor neurons, communication between


  5. Peripheral Nervous SystemBrances from spinal cord to outer body


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