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  1. Two Pleural Cavities
  2. Pelvic Cavity
  3. Spinal Cord
  1. a ...
  2. b Part of the central nervous system. Continuous with the medulla oblongata of the brain and extends down the back in the spinal cavity. Ends at L2 and seperates into individual nerves.
  3. c The space between the parietal and visceral layers of the pleura

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  1. Genetic material found in the nucleus of a cell.
  2. Fats.
  3. ...
  4. Cavity containing the skull and brain
  5. ...

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  1. MicrovilliSmall hairs that flow in waves to move foreign particles away from the lungs toward the nose and throat, where they can be expelled. Also found inside the Fallopian tubes to propel an ovum toward the uterus.


  2. Nuclear PoresRound, central region within the nucleus. It makes ribosomes.


  3. DissacharidesA carbohydrate that is composed of 2 monosaccharides


  4. Cilia...


  5. Transitional EpitheliumCavity containing the skull and brain


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