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  1. phlegmatic
  2. acerbic
  3. amalgamate
  4. diatribe
  5. opprobrium
  1. a calm; sluggish; unemotional
  2. b a harsh denunciation
  3. c disgrace; contempt; scorn
  4. d having a sour or bitter taste or character
  5. e to combine several elements into a whole

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  1. not capable of being appeased or significantly changed
  2. stubborn; hardheaded; uncompromising
  3. marked by extreme calm, impassivity and steadiness
  4. characterized by bitter, long-lasting resentment
  5. arrogant presumption or pride

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  1. mollifyto provide support or reinforcement


  2. mercurialcharacterized by rapid and unpredictable change in mood


  3. mendacitycharacterized by rapid and unpredictable change in mood


  4. pragmaticcalm; sluggish; unemotional


  5. laconicusing few words; terse


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