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  1. malleable
  2. imminent
  3. plethora
  4. bombast
  5. implacable
  1. a capable of being shaped or formed; tractable; pliable
  2. b not capable of being appeased or significantly changed
  3. c about to happen; impending
  4. d self-important or pompous writing or speech
  5. e an overabundance; a surplus

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  1. characterized by rapid and unpredictable change in mood
  2. stubborn; hardheaded; uncompromising
  3. characterized by or given to pretentiousness
  4. to combine several elements into a whole
  5. given to intense or excessive devotion to something

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  1. solventable to meet financial obligations; able to dissolve another substance


  2. laconicusing few words; terse


  3. fortuitousexhibiting a fawning attentiveness


  4. imperturbablecharacterized by rapid and unpredictable change in mood


  5. maverickusing few words; terse


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