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  1. cephalic vein.
  2. 206
  3. inferior mesenteric.
  4. Hypogastric
  5. frontal bone
  1. a A superficial vein of the arm is the
  2. b A vein that is a tributary to the splenic vein is the
  3. c The anterior 1/3 of the cranium froming the forhead and parts of the eye socket and most of the anterior of the cranial floor.
  4. d The number of bones in the make up of the human skeleton is
  5. e The umbilical arteries are branches of which

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  1. The cardiac sphincter would be associated with the:
  2. Which of the following bones are located within bones of the face?
  3. An artery closely associated with the inguinal
    ligament is the
  4. A thick muscle that originates from the head of the sterum and clavical, and inserts at the mastoid process of the temperal bone.
  5. The continuation of the ascending aorta is the

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  1. phlebology.The study of the heart is


  2. axillary, brachial, radial, deep palmer archBlood flow to the arm and hand will reach the following arteries in what order


  3. Great saphenous veinWhich of the following veins arises from the
    dorsal venous network of the foot?


  4. posterior communicating artery.The artery of the Circle of Willis that transports
    blood from the internal carotid artery to the
    posterior cerebral artery is the


  5. platysmaWhich of these is the bone of the upper jaw?


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