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  1. brachiocephalic vein.
  2. Erythrocyte, leucocyte, thrombocyte
  3. Maxilla
  4. cranium
  5. Common facial artery
  1. a Which of the following bones are located within bones of the face?
  2. b Which of these lists include all of the basic types of blood cells?
  3. c The internal jugular vein empties into the
  4. d Which of he following branches of the external
    carotid artery supplies blood to the nose, lips and
  5. e The portion of the skull that encloses the brain is

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  1. Which of the following blood vessels is a
    continuation of the anterior tibial artery?
  2. The basilic vein terminates by emptying into the
  3. The subclavian vein arises as the continuation of
  4. The heart chamber in which pulmonary circulation
    originates is the
  5. The heart valve in the right atrio-ventricular
    septum is the

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  1. deep palmar arteryAn artery that supplies blood to the hand is the


  2. ARTERIOLOGYThe study of the ARTERIES of the body is


  3. right inguinalWhen using the 9-region method for cavity embalming, the cecum is located in which of the following regions?


  4. temporal boneThe auditory ossicles are contained within the


  5. femoral artery.The artery that is transmitted through the adductor
    canal is the


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