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  1. sphenoid bone
  2. vertebral artery.
  3. psoas major
  4. three branches.
  5. common iliac arteries.
  1. a The sella turcica is located on the
  2. b The arteries that arise from the bifurcation of the
    abdominal aorta are the
  3. c The branch of the subclavian artery that transports
    blood to the basilar artery is the
  4. d The external iliac artery lies along the medial border of which of the following muscles?
  5. e The arch of the aorta gives off

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  1. The external jugular vein terminates by emptying
    into the
  2. Another name for the right atrio-ventricular valve
    of the heart is
  3. The heart chamber in which systemic circulation
    originates is the
  4. The term tunica externa suggests which of the
    following body structures?
  5. The inner layer of the wall of an artery or vein
    is the

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  1. popliteal vein.Which blood vessel begins at the opening of the adductor mangus muscle?


  2. 126 bonesHow many bones are in the appendicular skeleton?


  3. deep palmar arch.An artery that is considered to be the continuation
    of the radial artery is the


  4. ARTERIOLOGYThe study of the function of the body is


  5. histologyMicroscopic anatomy may also be referred to as


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