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  1. radial artery.
  2. right atrium of the heart.
  3. Brachial artery
  4. Sternocleidomastoid
  5. three branches.
  1. a A thick muscle that originates from the head of the sterum and clavical, and inserts at the mastoid process of the temperal bone.
  2. b The pulse is usually taken at the
  3. c The inferior vena cava orifice is in the wall of the
  4. d The arch of the aorta gives off
  5. e Which of the following is the large artery of the
    upper arm?

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  1. Which section of the aorta gives rise to the
    pericardial and bronchial arteries?
  2. A vein that is a tributary to the splenic vein is the
  3. The cardiac sphincter would be associated with the:
  4. Which of the following blood valves transmit de-oxygenated blood?
  5. Which of the following lists the parts in order that food passes through from the stomach to the small intestin

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  1. Orbicularis oculi, Sternocleidomastoid, Diaphragm, GastrocnemiusWhich of the following lists the muscles in the order in which rigor mortis appears?


  2. Hetercrine glandA term that identifies a body system is


  3. Esophageal arteriesWhich of the following is the large artery of the
    upper arm?


  4. portal veinThe union of the splenic vein and the superior


  5. footThe plantar arteries are located in the


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