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  1. inferior vena cava
  2. oropharynx
  3. left common carotid artery, left subclavian artery, Brachiocepalic artery.
  4. Angiology
  5. Medial plantar artery
  1. a Which of the following blood vessels are branches of the arch of aorta?
  2. b The middle section of the pharynx is the
  3. c The large vein that returns deoxygenated blood
    from the lower extremities and the abdomen to the
    right atrium of the heart is the
  4. d The study of the circulatory system is also known as:
  5. e Which of the following arteries is one of the
    bifurcations of the posterior tibial artery?

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  1. The coronary arteries supply blood to the
  2. A vein that arises from the dorsal venous network
    of the hand is the
  3. Which of the following arteries is most closely
    associated with the left ventricle of the heart?
  4. The liver receives its blood supply from which of
    the following?
  5. The anterior 1/3 of the cranium froming the forhead and parts of the eye socket and most of the anterior of the cranial floor.

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  1. VomerWhich of these is a bone of the face?


  2. Basilar arteryWhat blood vessel is formed by the union of the
    right and left vertebral arteries?


  3. epicardium.The outer layer of the wall of the heart is the


  4. Linear guideA line drawn or visualized on the surface of the skin to represent the approximate location of some more deeply-lying structure is the:


  5. Orbicularis oculi, Sternocleidomastoid, Diaphragm, GastrocnemiusBlood flow to the arm and hand will reach the following arteries in what order


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