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  1. Popliteal artery
  2. convey blood toward the heart. Are provided with valves, and have thinner walls than arteries
  3. passes through the adductor canal.
  4. aortic arch.
  5. Nasal bones
  1. a It may be said of veins that they
  2. b They lie inferior to the glabella. They form the bridge of the nose and the dome over the superior portion of the nasal cavity.
  3. c Which blood vessel begins at the opening of the adductor mangus muscle?
  4. d The continuation of the ascending aorta is the
  5. e The femoral vein

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  1. Which chamber of the heart contains the papillary
    muscles and chordae tendinae associated with the
    tricuspid valve?
  2. The inferior vena cava orifice is in the wall of the
  3. Blood is supplied to the gall bladder by the
  4. What blood vessel is formed by the union of the
    right and left vertebral arteries?
  5. The pulmonary veins convey highly oxygenated
    blood into the

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  1. Sphemoid bonelocated at the anterior part of the base of the skull and binds the other cranial bones together.


  2. Aorta arteryWhich of the following is the large artery of the
    upper arm?


  3. inferior mesenteric.A vein that is a tributary to the splenic vein is the


  4. cephalic vein.The internal jugular vein empties into the


  5. StomachThe cardiac sphincter would be associated with the:


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