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  1. Right atrium
  2. hematology.
  3. cardiology.
  4. epicranius
  5. superior vena cava.
  1. a The right and left innominate veins combine to
    fonn the
  2. b The study of the heart is
  3. c The occipitofrontalis muscle is also known as the
  4. d The coronary sinus orifice is in which chamber of
    the heart?
  5. e The study of blood is called

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  1. The arteries that arise from the bifurcation of the
    abdominal aorta are the
  2. The inferior mesenteric artery supplies blood to the
  3. The inferior vena cava orifice is in the wall of the
  4. Lymph fluid from the right upper extremity drains
    through the
  5. The large vein that returns deoxygenated blood
    from the lower extremities and the abdomen to the
    right atrium of the heart is the

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  1. three branches.Failure of fluid distribution to the area below the elbow would indicate a possible blockage of which of the following arteries:


  2. anteriorIn anatomical study, the direction toward the front of the body is referred to as


  3. oropharynxThe anterior 1/3 of the cranium froming the forhead and parts of the eye socket and most of the anterior of the cranial floor.


  4. AbdominalWhich of these identifies an important body cavity?


  5. medial.Which of these is the bone of the upper jaw?


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