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  1. axillary, brachial, radial, deep palmer arch
  2. basilic vein.
  3. Bicuspid valve
  4. is tributary to the right brachiocephalic vein
  5. superficial
  1. a What is another name for the left atrio-ventricular
  2. b The right lymph duct
  3. c Blood flow to the arm and hand will reach the following arteries in what order
  4. d A vein that arises from the dorsal venous network
    of the hand is the
  5. e A term of that suggests a location close to the surface of the body or body part is

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  1. A line drawn or visualized on the surface of the skin to represent the approximate location of some more deeply-lying structure is the:
  2. What artery might you raise to inject the upper extremity below the cubital fossa?
  3. Comprises the inferior portion of the sides and base of the cranum.They are located inforior to the parietal bones and anterior to the occipital bone.
  4. An artery closely associated with the inguinal
    ligament is the
  5. The lateral border of the femoral triangle is the

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  1. Ulnar arteryThe term tunica externa suggests which of the
    following body structures?


  2. artery, arteriole, venule, capillaryA blood vessel closely associated with the RIGHT ATRIUM of the heart is the


  3. cardiology.The study of bones is


  4. right atrium and right ventricle.The tricuspid valve is located between the


  5. an artery.The term tunica externa suggests which of the
    following body structures?


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