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  1. mandible
  2. lacrimal bones
  3. 126 bones
  4. right atrium of the heart.
  5. axial
  1. a The inferior vena cava orifice is in the wall of the
  2. b The horseshoe shaped bone forming the lower jaw. It consists of two portions, the bady and the ramus.
  3. c A term that identifies one of the two divisions of the skeleton is
  4. d How many bones are in the appendicular skeleton?
  5. e Are two bones located in the medial wall of each orbit between the ehmoid and maxillary bones.

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  1. Blood exits from the left ventricle of the heart
  2. Which of the following is considered to be the
    longest artery of the body?
  3. The number of bones in the make up of the human skeleton is
  4. What muscle action causes a body part to move toward the median plane?
  5. That portion of the circulatory system that conveys
    blood from the heart to the lungs, and returns it to
    the heart is identified by the term

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  1. Liver, stomach, spleenWhich of these organs receive blood from the celiac axis artery?


  2. Hetercrine glandThe incus, stapes and malleus bones are related to


  3. Ophthalmic arteryWhich branch of the internal carotid artery sup-
    plies blood to the eyeball?


  4. Left ventricleWhich of these is the last chamber of the heart to
    contain oxygenated blood before it enters into the


  5. radial artery.The pulse is usually taken at the


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