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  1. epithelial
  2. three branches.
  3. foot
  4. Basilic vein
  5. epicranius
  1. a A term that represents one of the basic tissues of the body is
  2. b The arch of the aorta gives off
  3. c Which of the following can be located on the
    medial and superficial aspect of the forearm?
  4. d The occipitofrontalis muscle is also known as the
  5. e The plantar arteries are located in the

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  1. The heart chamber in which systemic circulation
    originates is the
  2. The external iliac vein arises as the continuation of
  3. The bicuspid valve of the heart controls the flow
    of blood through the
  4. Another name for the right atrio-ventricular valve
    of the heart is
  5. Which of the following bones are located within bones of the face?

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  1. common iliac arteries.Which of these are visceral branches of the
    descending thoracic aorta?


  2. platysmaThese bones are located on the upper jaw. They form the skeletal base for most of the superior porton of the face, anterior roof of the mouth, sides and floor of the nasal cavity, and floor of the orbits.


  3. EyeballThe carotid canal is found in what bone?


  4. inferior vena cavaIn anatomical study, the direction toward the foot end of the body is referred to as


  5. Aorta arteryWhat branch of the external carotid artery feeds
    the tongue?


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