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  1. Temporal bone
  2. heart.
  3. hematology.
  4. Linear guide
  5. common iliac arteries.
  1. a The study of blood is called
  2. b The arteries that arise from the bifurcation of the
    abdominal aorta are the
  3. c The papillary muscles are found in the make-up of
  4. d A line drawn or visualized on the surface of the skin to represent the approximate location of some more deeply-lying structure is the:
  5. e Comprises the inferior portion of the sides and base of the cranum.They are located inforior to the parietal bones and anterior to the occipital bone.

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  1. Which of he following branches of the external
    carotid artery supplies blood to the nose, lips and
  2. An artery that is closely associated with the
    inguinal ligament is the
  3. What structure will blood pass through after
    leaving the right ventricle of the heart?
  4. Which branch of the internal carotid artery sup-
    plies blood to the eyeball?
  5. Which of these blood vessels is located on the
    lateral aspect of the forearm?

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  1. Popliteal arteryWhich of these blood vessels is located on the
    lateral aspect of the forearm?


  2. 126 bonesHow many bones are in the appendicular skeleton?


  3. Parietal bonesThe branches of the aorta that supply blood to the
    body walls are the


  4. pulmonary,The cardiac sphincter would be associated with the:


  5. Superior vena cava orificeA blood vessel closely associated with the RIGHT ATRIUM of the heart is the


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