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  1. axial
  2. connective
  3. mandible
  4. three branches.
  5. Radial
  1. a A term that identifies one of the two divisions of the skeleton is
  2. b The horseshoe shaped bone forming the lower jaw. It consists of two portions, the bady and the ramus.
  3. c What artery might you raise to inject the upper extremity below the cubital fossa?
  4. d A term identifies one of the basic body tissues
  5. e The arch of the aorta gives off

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  1. The subclavian vein arises as the continuation of
  2. Are two bones located in the medial wall of each orbit between the ehmoid and maxillary bones.
  3. The pulse is usually taken at the
  4. The innermost layer of the heart is the
  5. Microscopic anatomy may also be referred to as

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  1. Muscle tissueThe heart is ________ to the diaphragm.


  2. epithelialThese bones are located on the upper jaw. They form the skeletal base for most of the superior porton of the face, anterior roof of the mouth, sides and floor of the nasal cavity, and floor of the orbits.


  3. Celiac arteryWhich of the following is an unpaired visceral branch of the abdominal aorta?


  4. aorta.Blood exits from the left ventricle of the heart


  5. is tributary to the right brachiocephalic veinThe right lymph duct


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