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  1. axillary vein.
  2. hearing
  3. Brachial
  4. radial artery.
  5. cystic artery.
  1. a The incus, stapes and malleus bones are related to
  2. b Failure of fluid distribution to the area below the elbow would indicate a possible blockage of which of the following arteries:
  3. c Blood is supplied to the gall bladder by the
  4. d The pulse is usually taken at the
  5. e The basilic vein terminates by emptying into the

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  1. The carotid canal is found in what bone?
  2. The plantar arteries are located in the
  3. The heart is ________ to the diaphragm.
  4. Which chamber of the heart contains the papillary
    muscles and chordae tendinae associated with the
    tricuspid valve?
  5. What is another name for the cerebral arterial

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  1. deep palmar arch.An artery closely associated with the inguinal
    ligament is the


  2. Internal jugular veinWhich of the following joins the subclavian vein
    to form the innominate vein?


  3. Dorsalis pedis arteryWhich of the following blood vessels is a
    continuation of the anterior tibial artery?


  4. right inguinalWhen using the 9-region method for cavity embalming, the cecum is located in which of the following regions?


  5. internal carotid artery.Of the following arteries, the one that is involved
    in the make-up of the Circle of Willis is the


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