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  1. radial artery.
  2. medial.
  3. Anatomical limits
  4. Bicuspid valve
  5. saphenous veins.
  1. a Points of origin and termination in relation to adjacent structures refer to:
  2. b In relation to the lungs, the heart is
  3. c The pulse is usually taken at the
  4. d Which of these structures is an orifice of the heart
    through which oxygenated blood passes?
  5. e A pair of veins that drain the legs are the

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  1. The cardiac sphincter would be associated with the:
  2. Are two bones located in the medial wall of each orbit between the ehmoid and maxillary bones.
  3. The arteries that arise from the bifurcation of the
    abdominal aorta are the
  4. Which of the following lists the vessels in order going from the aorta towards the upper extremity?
  5. In anatomical study, the direction toward the front of the body is referred to as

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  1. endocardium.In anatomical study, the direction toward the foot end of the body is referred to as


  2. Basilar arteryWhich of these blood vessels arises at the
    termination of the subclavian artery?


  3. is tributary to the right brachiocephalic veinWhich of the following joins the subclavian vein
    to form the innominate vein?


  4. RadialA term that identifies one of the two divisions of the skeleton is


  5. SuperiorThe heart is ________ to the diaphragm.


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