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  1. Osteoporosis
  2. Coal mining and sandblasting. Asbestos removal and auto body repair. Cement manufacturing and raw cotton processing.
  3. hyperplasia
  4. rhinitis
  5. gastritis
  1. a Inflammation of the nasal mucosa is called
  2. b A controlled enlargement of a body organ or part due to an increase in the number of its component cells describes
  3. c Inflammation of the stomach is called
  4. d A general term for describing any disease process that results in reduction in the mass of bone per unit of volume is:
  5. e Which of the following would be classified as
    potentially harmful occupational environments,
    which might predispose the worker to certain
    respiratory illnesses?

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  1. Inflammation of a nerve is known as
  2. A malignant neoplasm composed of fatty
    connective tissue is called
  3. Occlusion of an artery is a condition likely
    to lead to
  4. The narrowing of the esophagus is called
  5. Myxedema is caused by the low function of what gland?

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  1. pancreatitisInflammation of the pancreas is called


  2. MelanomaThe action of gastro-intestinal secretions upon
    blood in the digestive tract causes the formation of very dark, tarry feces or vomitus known as


  3. suppurationDeformity, abnormal shape or structure, especially a congenital abnormality is a/an:


  4. Considered potentially infectiousBlockage of a coronary artery is likely to lead to


  5. an angiomaA benign neoplasm found in blood vessels is a


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