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  1. exudate
  2. ecchymosis
  3. Phlegmon
  4. ischemia
  5. arteries
  1. a A blood discoloration of the tissues as in a bruise is called a(n)
  2. b Decreased blood flow to a body part is a condition called
  3. c The thick liquid that collects around an infection
    site is called
  4. d Acute diffuse inflammation of subcutaneous connective tissue describes
  5. e Aneurysms are disorders primarily involving

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  1. Occlusion of an artery is a condition likely
    to lead to
  2. Which of the following are considered malignant? 1-Lipoma, 2-Glioma, 3- Lymphoma, 4-Osteoma
  3. A marked decrease in the number of leukocytes in
    the blood is referred to as
  4. A disease having a sudden onset and short duration is referred to as
  5. Conditions that make a body more susceptible to disease without actually causing it are called

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  1. pathological hypertrophyOf the following conditions, the one that is a
    common heart disorder is


  2. a polypA free-flowing particle in the blood is called a(n)


  3. neuritisInflammation of a nerve is known as


  4. abscessAn area of necrosis in which dead cells are
    sloughed from a free surface is called a(an)


  5. embolusA foreign particle that becomes lodged in a blood
    vessel is called a(n)


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