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  1. inner tunic of the heart
  2. jaundice
  3. Myocardial Infarction
  4. hemangioma
  5. vesicle
  1. a A blister-like structure that contains a serous fluid is called a(n)
  2. b A benign neoplasm found in blood vessels is a
  3. c Endocarditis is inflammation of the
  4. d Conditions characterized by excessive concentration of bilirubin in the skin and tissues and deposition of excessive bile pigment in the skin, cornea, body fluids, and mucous membranes with the resulting yellow apperance of the patient.
  5. e When the area of the myocardium is deprived of blood due to occlusion of the coronary artery, that tissues dies and the dead muscle is called an infarct.

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  1. A disease resulting from adrenal gland deficiency and characterized by bronzing of the skin is known as
  2. A general term for describing any disease process that results in reduction in the mass of bone per unit of volume is:
  3. Of the following disorders, the one with the high-
    est incidence of fatality is
  4. Melanin bears a relationship to
  5. Shrinkage of the uterus after menopause is called

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  1. plethoraReplacement of dead tissue cells with connective
    tissue cells is a process called


  2. commonly referred to as a moleA disorder believed to develop as an after effect of a severe streptococcal infection is


  3. Coronary problemsA history of atherosclerosis predisposes one to suspect:


  4. a polypGumma is the characteristic lesion of the tertiary stage of:


  5. hyperplasiaA controlled enlargement of a body organ or part due to an increase in the number of its component cells describes


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