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  1. suppuration
  2. secondary
  3. furuncle
  4. special pathology
  5. Edema
  1. a The divison of pathology that deals with individual body organs or systems is
  2. b The pathological term for a boil is
  3. c A local or generalized condition in which the body tissues contain an excessive amount of tissue fluid is called
  4. d The formation of pus is a process called
  5. e The form of anemia that develops as a
    complication of another disease such as
    hemorrhage is identified by the term

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  1. When the area of the myocardium is deprived of blood due to occlusion of the coronary artery, that tissues dies and the dead muscle is called an infarct.
  2. Acute diffuse inflammation of subcutaneous connective tissue describes
  3. Myocarditis is a disease that primarily involves the
  4. Of the following disorders, the one with the high-
    est incidence of fatality is
  5. Of the following locations, thrombi would likely
    be found in the

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  1. malignant tumor of fibrous connective tissueA fibrosarcoma is a


  2. infarctionA pathological condition primarily associated with
    arteries is


  3. gastritisInflammation of the liver is called


  4. RuborWhich is NOT a somatic mode of death?


  5. LeukopeniaA reduction in white blood cell counts is:


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