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  1. Pancreas
  2. abscess
  3. hemangiosarcoma
  4. Syphilis
  5. Phlegmon
  1. a Acute diffuse inflammation of subcutaneous connective tissue describes
  2. b Of the following neoplasms, the one that is
    malignant and composed of blood vessels is called
  3. c The organ which produces insulin is the:
  4. d A localized collection of pus in any body part,
    resulting from an invasion of pus-forming bacteria
    is called a(n)
  5. e Gumma is the characteristic lesion of the tertiary stage of:

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  1. A pathological condition primarily associated with
    arteries is
  2. Generalized edema of the subcutaneous tissue is
  3. The thick liquid that collects around an infection
    site is called
  4. Pregnancy in which the fertilized egg attempts to develop outside the uterus is called
  5. A benign tumor of muscle tissue is called a(an)

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  1. surgicalthe divison of pathology that deals with tissues that have been removed from a patient during surgery is called blank ____ pathology.


  2. benign tumor of nervous tissueA neuroma is a


  3. ulcerWhich is NOT a somatic mode of death?


  4. secondaryThe form of anemia that develops as a
    complication of another disease such as
    hemorrhage is identified by the term


  5. lymphangiosarcomaOf the following neoplasms, the one that is a
    malignant tumor composed of a mass of minute
    lymph vessels is a


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