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  1. active hyperemia
  2. Angiosarcoma
  3. resolution
  4. special pathology
  5. thrombosis
  1. a Increased arterial circulation leading to congestion
    of blood is called
  2. b The termination of an inflammatory reaction with
    the return to normal of the body part would be
  3. c Malignant tumor of vascular system (lymph or cardio)
  4. d The divison of pathology that deals with individual body organs or systems is
  5. e Formation of a blood clot attached to the wall of
    the heart or blood vessels is called

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  1. The thick liquid that collects around an infection
    site is called
  2. An increase in the number of leukocytes (above 10,000 per cu. Mm) in blood, and generally caused by the presence of infection and usually transient is called:
  3. Generalized edema of the subcutaneous tissue is
  4. Nonmalignant tumor of vascular orgin (cardio or lynph)
  5. The replacement of destroyed tissue with the exact same kind of tissue is a process called

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  1. ureteritisInflammation of the structure that carries urine
    from the kidney to the bladder is called


  2. circulatory shockCondition in which the decent of a testis is arrested at some path in its normal path into the scrotum.


  3. fragments of thrombi, bacteria, and tumor cellsAn embolus may consist of


  4. Coal mining and sandblasting. Asbestos removal and auto body repair. Cement manufacturing and raw cotton processing.Which of the following would be classified as
    potentially harmful occupational environments,
    which might predispose the worker to certain
    respiratory illnesses?


  5. ischemiaDecreased blood flow to a body part is a condition called


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