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  1. embolism
  2. Phlegmon
  3. lymphangiosarcoma
  4. malformation (anomaly)
  5. syphilis
  1. a A gumma is a lesion of
  2. b A circulatory disorder that is often found to occur
    as an after-effect of a diseased heart valve is
  3. c Of the following neoplasms, the one that is a
    malignant tumor composed of a mass of minute
    lymph vessels is a
  4. d Acute diffuse inflammation of subcutaneous connective tissue describes
  5. e A defect or diformity.

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  1. Exception. Epithelial tissue.
  2. Accumulation of blood in a part due to venous
    obstruction is called
  3. The narrowing of the esophagus is called
  4. The increase in the size of the cells of an organ is
  5. Complete urinary suppression is called

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  1. inflammationThe reaction of tissue to an irritant is called


  2. HydropericardiumWhen embalming an individual who died from an acute myocardial infarction, which of the following problems might the embalmer encounter?


  3. RaceOf the following body organs, the one mainly
    involved in pneumoconiosis is the


  4. pericarditisInflammation of the sac surronding the heart is called


  5. anasarcaGeneralized edema of the subcutaneous tissue is


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