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  1. John Slidell
  2. 2nd bomb dropped on
  3. Hartford Convention
  4. Independent Treasury System
  5. Square Deal
  1. a nagasaki
  2. b Meeting by Federalists dissatisfied with the war to draft a new Constitution; resulted in seemingly traitorous Federalist party's collapse
  3. c Established by Van Buren, it would be the only long-lasting mark of his presidency
  4. d Name of TD's programs of reform. Focused on busting trusts, gov't regulation of big biz, fair chance for labor, and environmental conservation
  5. e Sent by Polk to Mexico to negotiate Texas independence and purchase of California and New Mexico - was ignored by Mexican Government

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  1. failed attempt to help freed blacks during reconstruction - had promised blacks forty acres of land and a mule to plow with
  2. Intolerable Acts, passed in 1774, were the combination of the four Coercive Acts, meant to punish the colonists after the 1773, Boston Tea Party and the unrelated Quebec Act. The Intolerable Acts were seen by American colonists as a blueprint for a British plan to deny the Americans representative government. They were the impetus for the convening of the First Continental Congress.
  3. A Federalist, he had little say in Washingtons administration.
  4. Killed Lincoln
  5. Created by Alexander Hamilton to promote the economy (trade and industry).

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  1. Manifest Destinya belief shared by many Americans in the mid-1800s that the United States should expand across the continent to the Pacific Ocean


  2. amnistica family of rulers whose right to rule is hereditary


  3. Franklin Roosevelta strategy that involves countries going to the verge of war without actually going to war


  4. James Polkan opinion that goes against the teachings of a church


  5. Boss TweedGermany


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