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  1. Citizen Genet
  2. Hartford Convention
  3. Henry Ford
  4. Jefferson-Day Dinner
  5. nativism
  1. a French minister to the US, broke rules of diplomacy by appealing directly to Americans
  2. b Source of "Our union, it must be preserved" and subsequent resignation of vice president
  3. c Creator the Ford Motor Company and the Model T
  4. d a policy of favoring native-born individuals over foreign-born ones
  5. e Meeting by Federalists dissatisfied with the war to draft a new Constitution; resulted in seemingly traitorous Federalist party's collapse

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  1. increased prices for goods and services combined with the reduced value of money
  2. Harrison and Tyler defeat incumbent Van Buren
  3. First to fly non stop across the Atlantic Ocean
  4. Hiroshima
  5. Assassination of Franz Ferdinand of Austria Hungary, by a Serbian

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  1. Impeachmentthe practice of extending a nation's power by gaining territories for a colonial empire


  2. Specie CircularDocument that requires hard cash for land purchases, hurts the economy


  3. Land Ordinance of 1785A major success of the Articles of Confederation. Provided for the orderly surveying and distribution of land belonging to the U.S.


  4. Trail of TearsAs a result of the Indian Removal Act the Cherokee were forced march 1000 miles, over 4000 died.


  5. Republicdesire, ability, and willingness to buy a product


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