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  1. Tenure of Office Act
  2. Harry Truman
  3. Tories
  4. Political Parties
  5. War of 1812
  1. a Part of the Unwritten Constitution that developed due to differences in the Cabinet between Hamilton and Jefferson.
  2. b President that ended WWII by dropping the atomic bomb
  3. c Resulted from Britain's support of Indian hostilities along the frontier, interference with American trade, and impressments of American sailors into the British army (1812 - 1815)
  4. d 1866 - enacted by radical congress - forbade president from removing civil officers without senatorial consent - was to prevent Johnson from removing a radical republican from his cabinet
  5. e The Tories were colonists who disagreed with the move for independence and did not support the Revolution.

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  1. (1944) Japanese American was convicted of not reporting to internment camp. Court upheld the president's power to intern probable threats during wartime
  2. a system in which power is divided between the national and state governments
  3. American transcendentalist who was against a government that supported slavery. He wrote down his beliefs in Walden. He started the movement of civil-disobedience when he refused to pay the toll-tax to support him Mexican War.
  4. Established the ICC (Interstate Commerce Commission) - monitors the business operation of carriers transporting goods and people between states - created to regulate railroad prices
  5. the journey of slaves from Africa to the Americas

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  1. monarchythe condition that results from limited resources combined with unlimited wants


  2. 2nd bomb dropped on1908 - Supreme Court upheld Oregon state restrictions on the working hours of women as justified by the special state interest in protecting women's health


  3. Russo-Japanese WarWar between two foriegn powers that Roosevelt helped negiotate a peace treaty for, and recieved a Nobel Peacy Prize for his work


  4. Gag Rulea policy of favoring native-born individuals over foreign-born ones


  5. Counterculturea rebellion of teens and young adults against mainstream American society in the 1960s


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