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  1. Radical Reconstruction
  2. Iran Contra Affair
  3. Antebellum
  4. Brinkmanship
  5. Tories
  1. a Reconstruction strategy that was based on severely punishing South for causing war
  2. b secret bargaining to release US hostages in Lebanon, involved Israel, Iran and the Contras in Nicaragua
  3. c a strategy that involves countries going to the verge of war without actually going to war
  4. d The Tories were colonists who disagreed with the move for independence and did not support the Revolution.
  5. e phrase meaning before the civil war

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  1. Treaty in which Britain agreed to evacuate its posts on the US western frontier (1794)
  2. Pres. that decided to drop bomb
  3. the mechanism that keeps the money supply portable, durable, divisible, and limited in supply
  4. Established by Van Buren, it would be the only long-lasting mark of his presidency
  5. A large open area beneath a ship's deck, often used to house traveling immigrants

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  1. Northwest OrdinanceThe 1787 Northwest Ordinance defined the process by which new states could be admitted into the Union from the Northwest Territory. He ordinance forbade slavery in the territory but allowed citizens to vote on the legality of slavery once statehood had been established. The Northwest Ordinance was the most lasting measure of the national government under the Articles of Confederation


  2. Platformused assembly line to make model-T


  3. middle passagethe route in between the western ports of Africa to the Caribbean and southern U.S. that carried the slave trade


  4. dictatorshipan individual or group holds all political power (North Korea)


  5. Chatauqua Movement(1901 -1917Formed by Midwestern Farmers, Socialists, and Labor Organizers -attacked monopolies, and wanted other reforms, such as bimetallism, transportation regulation, the 8-hour work day, and income tax


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