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  1. beat movement
  2. Divorce Bill
  3. triangular trade
  4. Upton Sinclair
  5. Robert E. Lee
  1. a A three way system of trade during 1600-1800s Aferica sent slaves to America, America sent Raw Materials to Europe, and Europe sent Guns and Rum to Africa
  2. b Confederate general
  3. c States that the finance of the federal government cannot be used for private profit
  4. d a social and artistic movement of the 1950's stressing unrestrained literary self expression and nonconformity with the mainstream culture
  5. e Author of The Jungle

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  1. Devised by Clay - California was free state, stricter Fugitive Slave Law, ended Slave Trade in DC
  2. a set of basic beliefs about life, culture, government, and society
  3. American Political reformer - advanced employee-management relations
  4. Robber baron who made his money with oil
  5. A series of religious revivals starting in 1801, based on Methodism and Baptism. Stressed a religious philosophy of salvation through good deeds and tolerance for all Protestant sects. The revivals attracted women, Blacks, and Native Americans.

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  1. Coup d'etatSlave that unsuccessfully sued for his freedom


  2. stateElection year, Van Buren defeats the Whigs in a landslide


  3. John C CalhounSouth Carolina Senator - advocate for state's rights, limited government, and nullification


  4. Excise taxesTaxes placed on manufactured products. The excise tax on whiskey helped raise revenue for Hamiltons program.


  5. Elasticitya measure of responsiveness that tells us how a dependent variable such as quantity responds to an independent variable such as price


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