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  1. Eli Whitney
  2. Munn V. Illinois
  3. Knights of Labor
  4. Bleeding Kansas
  5. monotheistic
  1. a (1877) United States Supreme Court Case that ended up allowing states to regulate business within their borders, including railroads
  2. b Missouri border ruffians crossed into the Kansas to vote against slavery (led by John Brown) - severely divided the fledgling state
  3. c the belief in a single god or power
  4. d 1869 - established in Philidalphia - suppose to be a secrete faternal order - first union to allow all laborers
  5. e Inventor of the cotton gin

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  1. System that allowed farmers to get more credit. They used harvested crops to pay back their loans.
  2. Robber baron who made his money with oil
  3. Robber baron who made his money with steel
  4. people of a particular geographic area who are represented by a member of Congress
  5. Determined that inhabitants of U.S. territories had some, but not all, of the rights of U.S. citizens.

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  1. Herbert HooverPresident that worsened the Great Depression


  2. Coxey's ArmyProtest march of unemployed workers led by Jacob Coxey. Marched on Washington in 1894.


  3. Pendleton Civil Service Act(1883): Did away with the "spoils system" and made the hiring of federal employees merit based.


  4. James Fennimore Cooperproduct of a secret by FDR and Churchill; discussed post war aims and goals; advocated self determination of peoples


  5. Polandthe exchange of goods and services without using money


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