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  1. D├ętente
  2. Henry Cabot Lodge
  3. Iran Contra Affair
  4. Common School Movement
  5. Hellenistic
  1. a relaxation of tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union
  2. b Horace Mann advocated for public schools.
  3. c secret bargaining to release US hostages in Lebanon, involved Israel, Iran and the Contras in Nicaragua
  4. d the blending of Greek cultures with those of Persia, Egypt, and Central Asia following the conquests of Alexander the Great
  5. e Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he was a leader in the fight against participation in the League of Nations

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  1. opponents of a strong central government who campaigned against the ratification of the Constitution in favor of a confederation of independant states
  2. Belief in Middle and Upper Classes in US and Britain - women embodied perfect virtues in all senses
  3. Anne Hutchinson was a dissenter in the Massachusetts Bay Colony who caused a schism in the Puritan community. Eventually, Hutchinson's faction lost out in a power struggle for the governorship. She was expelled from the colony in 1673 and traveled southward with a number of her followers, establishing the settlement of Portsmouth, Rhode Island
  4. One of the leaders of the Texas Revolution and its subsequent annexation
  5. Navy officer whose ideas on naval warfare and the importance of sea-power changed how America viewed its navy

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  1. Brigham Younga nation's plans and procedures for dealing with other countries


  2. Due Processa principle stating that the government must follow proper constitutional procedures in trials and in other actions it takes against individuals


  3. Loose InterpretationBelief that the government could bend the rules of the Constitution.


  4. Munn V. Illinois(1877) United States Supreme Court Case that ended up allowing states to regulate business within their borders, including railroads


  5. James Madisonpayment made to the victor by the vanquished to cover the costs of a war


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