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  1. Farewell Address
  2. Nativism
  3. Railroad
  4. American Federation of Labor
  5. Poland
  1. a The first federation of labor unions in the United States. Founded by Samuel Gompers in 1886
  2. b an opposition to immigration by the citizens living in a country
  3. c HItler invaded........first
  4. d Mode of transportation that largely supplants canals by 1850s
  5. e George Washington's advice to avoid foriegn wars and political alliances.

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  1. Washington forced citizens to pay taxes and proved the federal govt. could enforce the law.
  2. Secretary of Massachusetts Board of Education - created public school system in MASS - became model for nation
  3. Secretary of State; bought Alaska for America
  4. Inventor of the mechanical reaper
  5. a set of basic beliefs about life, culture, government, and society

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  1. John Tyler1835-1844 - stopped any anti-slavery discussion in Congress


  2. Strict Interpretationpayment made to the victor by the vanquished to cover the costs of a war


  3. 2nd bomb dropped onRevival of religious sentiments emphasizing personal salvation and frontier televangelists


  4. Lucretia MottEarly 1800s - Feminist - helped organize SenThe Mason and Dixon Line was created in the 1760s to set the boundary between the colonial charters of William Penn and Lord Baltimoreeca Falls


  5. The Whiskey Rebelliongroup of farmers refused to pay federal excise tax on whiskey, Washington responds decisively with troops (1794)


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