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  1. urbanization
  2. Standard of Living
  3. Poland
  4. John Marshall
  5. New Freedom
  1. a the quality of life based on the possession of necessities and luxuries that make life easier
  2. b Chief Justice during Jackson's presidency
  3. c HItler invaded........first
  4. d Woodrow Wilson's philosphy - trusts were busted so government must now regulate business
  5. e the growth of cities

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  1. Each of the three branches of government "checks" the power of the other two, so no one branch can become too powerful. The president (executive) can veto laws passed by Congress (legislative), and also chooses the judges in the Supreme Court (judiciary). Congress can overturn a presidential veto if 2/3 of the members vote to do so. The Supreme Court can declare laws passed by Congress and the president unconstitutional, and hence invalid.
  2. the formal structures and institutions through which a territory and its people are ruled
  3. A series of laws that sought to restrict the activities of people who opposed Federalist policies (1798)
  4. Black civil rights activist
  5. an economic system in which most businesses are privately owned

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  1. ReaganomicsUS, Great Britan, Soviet Union


  2. Boxer Rebellion1900 - Nativist rebellion in China - tried to get rid of all of the foreigners


  3. Big Stick Policya nation's plans and procedures for dealing with other countries


  4. Kentucky and Virginia ResolutionsJefferson and Madison's response to Alien and Sedition Acts. Promoted states' right to nullify federal laws considered unconstitutional (1799)


  5. Currier & IvesAt the Constitutional Convention, larger states wanted to follow the Virginia Plan, which based each states representation in Congress on state population. Smaller states wanted to follow the New Jersey Plan, which gave every state the same number of representatives. The convention compromised by creating the House and the Senate, and using both of the two separate plans as the method for electing members of each.


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