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  1. efficiency
  2. ESOP
  3. underground economy
  4. industrial businesses
  5. commerical businesses
  1. a permits employees to directly own the company in which they work by allowing them to buy shares in it
  2. b when an organization produces needed goods or services quickly at a low cost
  3. c firms engaged in marketing, in finance, and in furnishing services
  4. d income that escapes being recorded in the GDP
  5. e firms that produce goods that are often used by other businesses or organizations to make things

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  1. products make by firms in countries outside the United States
  2. a person who starts, manages, and owns a business
  3. an employee who is given funds and freedom to create a special unit or department within a company in order to develop a new product, process, or service
  4. the quantity, or amount, produced within a given time
  5. products made by firms in the United States

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  1. financedeals with all money matters related to running a business


  2. manufacturing firmsbusinesses that produce goods


  3. demanddeals with all money matters related to running a business


  4. productioninvolves making a product or providing a service


  5. downsizea legal agreement between a company and a distributor to sell a product or service under special conditions


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