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  1. production
  2. intrapreneur
  3. service firms
  4. output
  5. total quality management (TQM)
  1. a an employee who is given funds and freedom to create a special unit or department within a company in order to develop a new product, process, or service
  2. b the quantity, or amount, produced within a given time
  3. c businesses that provide assistance to satisfy specialized needs through skilled workers
  4. d a commitment to excellence that is accomplished by teamwork and continual improvement
  5. e involves making a product or providing a service

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  1. businesses that produce goods
  2. when an organization makes the right decisions in deciding what products or services to offer customers or other users
  3. products make by firms in countries outside the United States
  4. the ability of profit-making organizations to compete with other businesses in other countries
  5. intangible products that result from a high degree of labor input and that satisfy consumer needs

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  1. mass productioninvolves making a product or providing a service


  2. commerical businessesfirms that produce goods that are often used by other businesses or organizations to make things


  3. empowermentlets workers decide how to perform their work tasks and offer ideas on how to improve the work process


  4. third world nationscountries that are underdeveloped, have few manufacturing firms, and have large numbers of poor people who possess few goods


  5. businessan organization that produces or distributes a good or service for profit


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