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  1. relegate
  2. squeamish
  3. perfidy
  4. susceptible
  5. corpulent
  1. a transfer, consign, demote, exile
  2. b vulnerable, receptive, impressionable
  3. c overweight, heavy, obese, stout, portly
  4. d betrayal, disloyalty, treason, duplicity
  5. e nauseated, queasy, delicate, oversensitive, priggish

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  1. dare, provocation, trial, punishment
  2. challenge, deny, dispute, query, question
  3. disown, disclaim, retract, abjure
  4. biting, caustic, rancorous, hostile, peevish
  5. abhorrence, opprobrium, shame, ignominy

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  1. hypotheticaldare, provocation, trial, punishment


  2. subservientvulnerable, receptive, impressionable


  3. dispassionateunbiased, disinterested, cool, detached


  4. bovineabhorrence, opprobrium, shame, ignominy


  5. ignobleinferior, unworthy, dishonorable, sordid


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